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Thursday, 4 June 1970

Mr Clyde Cameron (HINDMARSH, SOUTH AUSTRALIA) - 1 always like to make some contribution to any debate that deals with the wheat industry because it is an industry that is near and dear to me, I having for a long time been close to the industry and having worked on farms. Although a lot of people may not believe it, I was reared in a rural atmosphere, first On a dairy farm and later on another dairy farm which tried to grow wheat and to produce eggs and porkers as well. I know only too well of the tragic circumstances that sometimes hit the farming community. Indeed, I believe that my memory of the farming industry is much better than the memory of members of the Australian Country Party concerning the wheat industry and rural industries generally.

The trouble with the members of the Country Party generally is that they come into this place, get on to the soft, plush cushions in the House of Representatives, visit their very elaborately furnished club room on the other side of the building where they pat each other on the back most of the time they are here, telling each other what wonderful chaps they are and how terribly prosperous the industry is as a consequence of their direct contribution to it. They mesmerise themselves into believing that all is well. It is very amusing to see how the Liberals thoroughly enjoy a member of the Opposition giving the Country Party the roasting I propose to give it tonight. The Minister for Defence (Mr Malcolm Fraser) is so tickled by what he hopes I will say that he has decided to go out into his room and laugh his head off where nobody can see him.

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