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Thursday, 21 May 1970

Mr Whitlam asked the Minister for the Interior, upon notice:

(1)   On what occasions has he exercised his authority under the Australian Capital Territory Public Parks Ordinance to (a) declare any unleased land to be a public park or recreation reserve or (b) appoint a corporate body of trustees for a park and vest leasehold in such a body.

(2)   Under what authority was the Tidbinbilla Reserve created.

(3)   Under what authority was the Advisory Panel created to advise him on the management of the Tidbinbilla Reserve.

(4)   Has he considered exercising his authority under the Public Parks Ordinance to vest the Tidbinbilla Reserve in a body of trustees.

Mr Nixon - The answerto the honourable member' s question is as follows:

(1)   (a) Successive Ministers forthe Interior have exercised authority under the A.C.T. Public Parks Ordinance 1928- 1956 to declare unleased land to be a public park or recreation reserve on the following occasions: 25th October 1961 - declaration of 12 public parks. 1st December 1961 - declaration of 5 public parks or recreation reserves. 9th October 1962 - declaration of 16 public parks or recreation reserves. 12th October 1963- declaration of 17 public parks or recreation reserves. 1 0th May 1968- declaration of 13 public parks or recreation reserves.

(b)   Trustees have been appointed to control two reserves in the A.C.T. These are the Williamsdale Recreation Reserve and the Hall Recreation Reserve. These trusts have been in existence for many years, the Williamsdale Trust for example was created by the government of New South Wales in 1904.

(2)   The Government in November 1962 approved the use of an area in the Tidbinbilla Valley for the purpose of a reserve.

(3)   The Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve Advisory Panel was established by the Minister for the Interior in July 1965.

(4)   No.

Australian Capital Territory: Reserves (Question No. 833)

Mr Whitlam asked the Minister for the

Interior, upon notice:

(1)   What regulations govern the use of areas declared to be 'reserved' by his Department.

(2)   On what date was Black Mountain reserved for general conservation purposes to which he referred in his answer to me on 26th September 1969 (Hansard, page 2123).

(3)   On what date was permission given to develop a quarry on Black Mountain.

(4)   On what date was the garbage dump sited on Black Mountain.

(5)   On what dates and to what effect has he received submissions from the National Parks Association of the Australian Capital Territory with respect to the Black Mountain Reserve.

Mr Nixon - The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1)   The use of the lands of the Australian Capital Territory including areas set aside as reserves is governed by a wide range of Ordinances. Those which have particular application in areas set aside as reserves are:

Careless Use of Fire Ordinance 1936-1959

Roads and Public Places Ordinance 1937-1959

Mining Ordinance 1930-1959

Animals and Bird Protection Ordinance 1918- 1959

Wildflower and Native Plants Protection Ordinance 1936

Timber Protection Ordinance 1919-1967

Protection of Lands Ordinance 1937-1959

Public Baths and Public Bathing Ordinance 1956-1959

Fish Protection Ordinance 1964

Gun Licence Ordinance 1937-1964.

(2)   The Black Mountain area was shown as an area to be reserved on the original plans prepared by Walter Burley Griffin. Until recently the need to define major road corridors in the overall plan of Canberra has precluded the possibility of specifically delineating boundaries. It is now possible to define such boundaries and action to declare the area isnow underway.

(3)   Available records indicate that stone was first quarried from Black Mountain in 1841. The quarry was worked intermittently until the 1940s but to the best of my knowledge has not been used since. Trees plantedin the quarry by my Department some years ago have grown to considerable size.

(4)   Approval was given on 1st February 1956 for dry rubbish to be placed in the area below the old quarry.

(5)   Submissions have been received by me from the National Parks Association in respectof the Black Mountain area on: 19th December 1969 23rd December 1969 1st January 1970 19th March 1970 23rd March 1970

There was correspondence and submissions to previous Ministers and to my Department dating from August 1963.

The matters raised by the Association have been considered and there have been discussions between representatives of the Association and officers of my Department and the National Capital Development Commission.

Following these discussions it was recently announced that the Black Mountain area would be declared as a public park within 3 months.

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