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Thursday, 21 May 1970

Mr CHIPP (HOTHAM, VICTORIA) (Minister for Customs and Excise) - I move:

That the Bill be now read a second time.

Mr Speaker,the Customs Tariff Bill now before the House provides for amendments to the Customs Tariff 1966-1969 and relates to changes introduced into Parliament since the commencement of this session. The most recent amendments in the Bill relate to tariff changes introduced in April 1970 implementing Tariff Board reports on:

Man-made fibres and yarn, tyre cord and tyre cord fabric;

Gelatine and animal glues;

Floor and wall coverings;

Gloves and mittens;


Electric circuit breakers and switch units; and Gang slitting machines and a report by the Special Advisory Authority on cherries, preserved by sugar - drained, glace or crystallised.

At the time 1 introduced those proposals I explained at some length the nature of the changes involved. In order not to delay unduly the business of the House I do not propose to traverse the same ground again.

If any honourable member would like a copy of what I said on those occasionsI will be glad to supply him with a Hansard extract. I might reiterate however that, with the exception of the changes relating to man-made fibres, gelatine andanimal glues and petroleum products, the other subjects had been introduced in the previous Parliament and had been the subject of a validation Act in that Parliament. Honourable members will recall that the changes relating to certain petroleum products involved conditional duties to give effect to the Government's policy in relation to the absorption of crude oil production in Australia.

Other changes in this Bill are changes introduced between the time the previous Parliament was dissolved and before this session commenced. These changes arise from the Government's adoption of Tariff Board reports on:

Time switches and movements and parts therefor;

Compressed gas cylinders;


Flexible metal tubing, piping and transmission shafts;


Belts, belting ami woven cotton fabrics over 15 ounces per square yard;

Drawing, measuring and calculating instruments;

Syringes, injection or puncture needles, etc.;

Chlorine and sodium hydroxide. and Special Advisory Authority Reports on:

Metal-working machine tools;

Vegetable oils: and

Curtain hooks of base metal.

Also included are changes agreed to by the Australian and New Zealand governments for the addition of new commodities to Schedule A of the New ZealandAustralia Free Trade Agreement and some additional concessions with respect to handmade traditional products of cottage industries of developing countries, were introduced. These changes had been made originally, by Gazette notices, while the Parliament was in recess. On each occasion my colleague the Minister for Trade and Industry (Mr McEwen) issued a Press statement giving details of the changes. For the record and for the convenience of honour able members during the ensuing debate I ask for leave for these statements to be taken as read and incorporated in Hansard.

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