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Tuesday, 3 March 1970

Mr GORTON - I have had my attention drawn to the fact that Sydney beaches have been damaged and polluted in the way referred to by the honourable member. I believe that this has come about primarily as a result of a deliberate policy adopted by the previous Labor Government in New South Wales, which quite deliberately indicated, and is on record as quite deliberately indicating, that they wished to dispose of their sewerage by this means and not by treatment. I would be glad to draw the honourable member's attention to that. I have not at this stage myself read any special request for assistance in that direction but 1 did some time ago have a communication from the Premier of New South Wales who indicated that he hoped that the New South Wales Government would be able to receive better treatment at Loan Council meetings, for example in order to enable this work to correct mistakes made by the previous Labor administration to be brought into being. I hope and think that the measures taken to relieve that State and other States, or the measures being discussed to relieve, it of some of the burden of debt - measures being taken to prevent that burden of debt growing - will enable the State Government to tackle this problem more rapidly than they have been able to do in the past. It may be that 1 will get a specific request; it may be that in the last day or so one has come in, but if so I have not seen it.

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