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Wednesday, 23 March 1966

Mr BRYANT (Wills) .- That was a rather comical speech for one with a record such as the honorable member for Chisholm (Sir Wilfrid Kent Hughes) has. I am not concerned with whether the honorable member for Yarra (Dr. J. F. Cairns) said this or that. But I am concerned with the aberration of the honorable member for Chisholm and his colleagues on the other side of the chamber who will employ spivs, spies and pimps to cast aspersions on honorable members. I want to get round to this question of guerrilla warfare. The honorable member for Chisholm seems to think that there is something wrong with guerrilla warfare. Guerrilla warfare has been the ancient and traditional way in which people have fought tor their freedom. This was the way that the Irish fought for theirs. This was the way that the men of the Second A.I.F. in Timor fought for theirs.

The comical thing about this, if it were not for the serious way in which it traduces the whole of our society, is the way in which some members take statements such as this and try to build them into some kind of sedition or treason. This is the question that is before the House: The honorable member for Chisholm is implying that the honorable member for Yarra would call in the Americans in East New Guinea but not in Vietnam. All I can say to honorable members opposite is that I notice that a large number of them are of military age and I see them sitting here in safety and security. I see the Liberal Party endorsing men of military age to call up the young people of Australia to fight their battles. Mr. Speaker, allow me to express my feelings: I have nothing but contempt for their position, for their attitudes and for their morality.

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