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Friday, 10 December 1965

Mr Whitlam m asked the Prime Minister, upon notice -

1.   In view of the answer by the Minister for the Army on 29th October 1965 ("Hansard", page 2405), will he name the departments and the governments concerned with recommendations for decorations for members of the Australian forces in (a) Malaysia and (b) Vietnam?

2.   What is the average time between initiation and determination of such recommendations?

Sir Robert Menzies - The answers to the honorable member's questions are as follows -

1.   The normal procedure followed when recommendations are made for the award of decorations to members of the Australian forces, wherever they are serving, is for the recommendation of the Commanding Officer to be referred to the appropriate Service department and, if supported, to the Department of Defence. If the Minister for Defence and the Prime Minister concur in the recommendation, it is submitted to the GovernorGeneral, who seeks Her Majesty's approval.

2.   Approximately three months.

Amenities at Airports. (Question No. 1455.)

Mr Clyde Cameron n asked the Minister representing the Minister for Civil Aviation, upon notice -

1.   What are the names of each of the lessees of liquor bars, refreshment rooms and restaurants in the airline terminals of the seven capital cities of Australia?

2.   What are the terms and conditions applicable to these leases?

3.   Were the leases let by tender; if not, by what method was the rental fixed?

4.   Does the Department have any rights to prevent lessees from making excessive charges on the public?

5.   Has the Department any power to prevent the lessee from serving food that is below a proper standard?

Mr Fairbairn - The Minister for Civil Aviation has supplied the following information -

1.   At Brisbane and Sydney airports, the airlines operate for the present from individual leases or company-owned terminals. At the other capital cities, terminal activities are combined in one Commonwealth owned and operated building. In the combined terminals, the Department selects the concessionaires but in the airline-operated terminals the airlines either select their own concessionaires or operate the facilities themselves. An exception is the Brisbane T.A.A. terminal where the concessionaire was selected by the Department in co-operation with T.A.A.

The names of the lessees at the various airports are -

Adelaide - Airlines Catering Service Pty. Ltd.

Perth- Bright Spot Caterers Pty. Ltd.

Canberra - I. L. & R. M. Flanagan.

Brisbane- Messrs. C. F. Kesby & T. H. Rantzau (T.A.A. Terminal), Ansett-A.N.A. (Ansett-A.N.A. Terminal).

Sydney - W. H. Bondy (T.A.A. Concessionaire) (T.A.A. Terminal), H. H. Richard (AnsettA.N.A. Concessionaire) (Ansett-A.N.A. Terminal), Australian Airport Services Pty. Ltd. (International Terminal).

Melbourne. - Taverns Pty. Ltd.

Hobart - Mrs. B. Thomas.

2.   Lease periods vary between three and five years with extensions being granted where this is in the Commonwealth's interest. Concessionaires are contractually bound by strict conditions contained in the lease agreements and authorities issued under the Airports (Business Concessions) Act. Where liquor is sold, these authorities prescribe special conditions for its sale and supply.

3.   At all of the capital city airports, the food and liquor concessions have been let by the Department through public tender. Hobart is the exception. Although this small concession was previously let by tender, because of possible future extensions to the present catering facilities, a monthly tenancy has been negotiated for the time being.

4.   All departmental leases for the sale of food and liquor at Commonwealth airports give the Department the power to ensure that prices remain at appropriate levels.

5.   There are adequate provisions in departmental leases to ensure highest standards of supplies and services.

Woven Man-made Fibre Fabrics. (Question No. 1460.)

Mr Kelly (WAKEFIELD, SOUTH AUSTRALIA) y asked the Minister for Trade and Industry, upon notice -

Will he have Table No. 3 in the Tariff Board Report on Woven Man-Made Fabrics extended to give also the ad valorem protection recommended by the majority of the Board, the minority recommendation of Mr. Murray and also the Government's decision.

Mr McEwen - In answer to the honorable member's question, Table No. 3 has been extended and is shown hereunder -


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