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Wednesday, 1 December 1965

Mr HAWORTH (Isaacs) .- The honorable member for Moreton (Mr. Killen) has discussed clause 18 (4.), but I want to go back to clause 18 (1.), which the Committee will remember relates to the constitution of the Trade Practices Tribunal. This provision has a very close relationship with clause 10 which was discussed this afternoon. Clause 18 (1.), which I have a particular reason for reading, states -

Except as otherwise provided by this Act, the Tribunal shall, for the purpose of hearing and determining proceedings, be constituted by a Division of the Tribunal consisting of a presidential member and two members who are not presidential members.

I give notice that after the Committee has considered clause 18 (4.) I propose to move as an amendment that in sub-clause (1.) after the words " are not presidential members " the following words be added: " and that each Division includes one member who has had practical experience in industry or commerce ". This gets back to the question which was raised and discussed earlier, namely one of the three personnel constituting the Tribunal will be a practical person who has a particular experience - not knowledge, but experience - of industry.

Mr L R Johnson - Any particular industry or any industry?

Mr HAWORTH - Any industry. I have no objection to academics or public servants being on the Tribunal, but I do believe that one member should be a person of experience. I believe that the adoption of this suggestion would give confidence to industry that its interests were being looked after. There is quite a deal of precedent for what I have suggested. Similar requirements work very well in the State wages boards. They work well also in the court of industrial appeal, in the compensation boards and the Tariff Board. I hope that the Attorney-General will accept this amendment because I believe that it would strengthen the Tribunal. It would remove any prejudice that might arise from the fact that it is composed of legal luminaries, academics, public servants or administrators. In this way industry would feel that it is being looked after and that its interests are being represented. At a later stage I shall move that amendment.

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