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Wednesday, 1 December 1965

Mr FAIRHALL (Paterson) (Minister for Supply) . - I move; - [Customs Tariff Proposals (No. 12T).]

1   . That the Customs Tariff 1 965, as proposed to be amended by Customs Tariff Proposals, and as proposed to be amended by Customs Tariff (No. 2) Bill 1965 introduced into the House of Representatives on the twenty-fourth day of August, One thousand nine hundred and sixty-five, be further amended as set out in the Schedule to these Proposals and that the amendments operate on and after the second day of December, One thousand nine hundred and sixty-five.

2.   That in these Proposals, " Customs Tariff Proposals " mean the Customs Tariff Proposals introduced into the House of Representatives on the following dates: - 17th August, 1965; 18th August, 1965; 16th September, 1965; 30th September, 1965; 12th October, 1965; 28th October, 1965; 16th November, 1965; and 18th November, 1965.


9.   After note 9 to Chapter 48 insert the following note: - " 10. In sub-item 48.07.3, " wall coverings " means paper -

(a)   without margins;

(b)   of a width exceeding 60 centimetres;

(c)   in rolls; and

(d)   of a kind used solely or principally for wall or ceiling decoration.".

10.   In sub-item 48.07.3, after " filter ", insert " ; wall coverings ".




Mr. Speaker,Customs Tariff Proposals No. 12 which I have just tabled relates to proposed amendments of the Customs Tariff 1965. The amendments will operate from tomorrow morning. Proposals No. 12 incorporates tariff changes consequent on the adoption by the Government of two reports by the Tariff Board on tinned iron and steel hoop, strip, plates and sheets, and magnetos and parts. Deferred duties of £5 15s. a ton general rate and £2 17s. a ton preferential rate were to operate on and after 1st January 1966 on tinned iron and steel hoop, strip, plates and sheets. Customs tariff legislation requires, however, that the question of whether deferred duties should or should not operate from the date of deferment shall be referred to the Tariff Board for inquiry and report. The deferred duties on tinplate were first introduced in 1920, but have been progressively deferred after each subsequent inquiry and report by the Tariff Board. In the latest report the Board indicates that tinplate production, which commenced in Australia in 1957, is now an integral part of the iron and steel industry. It commends the local manufacturer, Australian Iron and Steel Pty. Ltd., on its ability to compete with' imports without any increase in the present operative rates of 71/2 per cent, ad valorem general rate and free, preferential rate, and considers this ability to be of national importance. It recommends no change in these rates but cancellation of the deferred duties which, it points out, are no longer realistic in relation to current f.o.b. prices. Proposals No. 12 gives effect to the Government's acceptance of this recommendation.

For flywheel type magnetos, which are now manufactured locally, the proposals introduce new protective ad valorem duties of 421/2 per cent, general rate and 25 per cent, preferential rate. Other types of magnetos formerly produced in Australia, however, will become subject to non-protective duties. Details of these changes are con tained in the summary of amendments being circulated to honorable members.

Proposals No. 12 also includes amendments necessary to correct discrepancies which resulted from the translation from the Customs Tariff 1933-1965, now repealed, to the Customs Tariff 1965. These changes are in accordance with the undertaking given when the new tariff was introduced last May. Details of the changes are contained in the precis of tariff alterations being circulated. I commend the proposals to honorable members.

Debate (on motion by Dr. J. F. Cairns) adjourned.

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