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Tuesday, 6 December 1960

Mr CREAN (Melbourne Ports) . - This bill, Mr. Speaker, like the previous one, will ultimately determine the type of aircraft that we buy. However, like the honorable member for Farrer (Mr. Fairbairn) I prefer to talk about the things of which I know rather than the things of which I do not know. This bill concerns a loan of 2,000,000 dollars to be obtained on behalf of Trans-Australia Airlines, also at 5} per cent, interest. The loan is to be made by the Chase-Manhattan Bank for the purchase of an additional Electra aircraft for the fleet of Trans-Australia Airlines.

On the terms of the borrowing the Opposition does not intend to oppose this measure, because it is felt that, like the previous one, the loan attaches to a particular developmental project - the extension of Trans-Australia Airlines' capacity to serve the Australian community. Because the loan is to be made, to a government airline there will be no question of profits going to people outside this country. 1 think that one or two of my colleagues want to say something about the type of aicraft that is involved, because it is felt that this type of airliner was forced on T.A.A., contrary to its own wishes. Just as the last speaker on the previous bill suggested that other planes than Boeings could have been bought, so a lot of people think than planes other than Electras could have been bought. My knowledge of any kind of aeroplane is not very great. I generally recognize one kind when somebody else tells me what it is. But there are distinct doubts in some people's minds about the performance of the Electra about which some of my colleagues wish to speak. The Opposition offers no objection to the loan, as such, though we want to raise one or two points about the particular plane involved. We want to discuss some of the reasons why it is to be an Electra and not a Caravelle. Some of my colleagues wish to express technical opinions about this aircraft

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