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Thursday, 17 November 1960

Mr Bryant t asked the Treasurer, upon notice -

What are the daily rates of pay and allowances for members of the citizen forces with the rank of (a) captain (Army), (b) lieutenant (Navy) and (c) flight lieutenant (Air Force), with (i) three years and (ii) six years seniority?

Mr Harold Holt - The answer to the honorable member's question is as follows: -

The rates of pay at present being paid for the ranks of the Citizen Forces referred to in the question are: -

(a)   Captain (Army) - 66s. lOd. per day.

(b)   Lieutenant (Navy)- 59s. lid. per day.

(c)   Flight Lieutenant (Air Force) - 66s. lOd. per day.

The new rates recently announced by the Minister for Defence and to be prescribed are -

(a)   Captain (Army)- 76s. 6d. per day.

(b)   Lieutenant (Navy)- 68s. Id. per day.

(c)   Flight Lieutenant (Air Force- 76s. 6d. per day.

There is no incremental advancement with years of service in rank.

Allowances. - Marriage allowance of 8s. per day is payable to married members who attend a camp, school or course of instruction for not less than four days. Separation allowance of 4s. per day (to be increased to 7s. per day) is also payable if the duration of the camp, school or course is of ten or more days. Citizen Naval and Air Force members are reimbursed for fares paid to and from home training parades and receive a meal allowance if unable to return home from work for an evening meal before attending a parade. The Citizen Military Forces receive an allowance of ls. 6d. per day additional to their daily rate of pay as compensation for these expenses and, in addition, may claim amounts in excess of 3s. for return fares from home to the place of training. Subject to regular attendance at parades, conduct and demonstration of efficiency, a Citizen Force member is eligible for an efficiency allowance of £10 per annum. These are the usual emoluments payable to a member of the Citizen Forces in the ranks stated, but other allowances are payable where appropriate in relation to the member's duty and under conditions similar to those applicable to the Permanent Forces. These are flying pay 19s. per day for a flight lieutenant and 10s. 6d. for an Army captain, parachute pay 5s. per day while training, 7s. 6d. per day on qualifying for each day a descent is made, hard lying money 2s. 6d. per day, retention of lodgings allowance up to 9s. 3d. per day, living out away from home allowance 17s. per day, and living out allowance 9s. 6d. per day. The proposed date of effect of allowances at these rates is 1st July, 1960.

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