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Tuesday, 14 May 1957

Mr Whitlam m asked the PostmasterGeneral, upon notice -

1.   Were tenders called for alterations and additions to the Liverpool telephone exchange on 27th April, 1957?

2.   How many unsatisfied telephone applications were there on that date?

3.   When is it expected that the alterations and additions will be completed?

4.   How many telephone applications are the alterations and additions expected to provide?

5.   How many unsatisfied applications are there expected to be at the time of completing the alterations and additions?

6.   When is it expected that all applications at present outstanding will be satisfied?

7.   How much time is expected to elapse after the time of completion before all applications then outstanding will be satisfied?

Mr Davidson - The answers to the honorable member's questions are as follows: -

1.   Yes. They will close on the 21st May, 1957.

2.   Three hundred and sixty-five.

3.   It is estimated that this work will be completed approximately four months from the date of acceptance of tenders.

4.   The work proposed at the Liverpool office aims at increasing the trunk exchange and postal accommodation and has no direct bearing on the telephone applications outstanding.

5.   This naturally depends on the extent to which new applications are received but having regard to cable relief projects already approved it is hoped that the list of waiting applicants will be reduced appreciably. 6 and 7. Substantial relief is planned on the 1957-58 works programme and complete relief will be carried out as soon as the resources available to the department will permit.

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