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Wednesday, 19 June 1946

Mr Fadden n asked the Minister representing the Minister for Supply and Shipping, upon notice - =

1.   When is it anticipated that tHe production of barbing wire will be resumed ?

2.   Have the service departments any stocks cif' barbing wire, at' the present time?

3.   If so', will the Minister, iri view of the importance of rural producers having, adequate stocks of this .wire,, arrange' for any stocks, such as those mentioned, to' be made available in Queensland and' other States ?

Mr Dedman -^ The Minister for Supply and Shipping' has" supplied- the following answers: -

1.   The- wire drawing companies- have- for the last two or three weeks been taking section to unable production of barbing wire to be recommenced. The approximate date of commencement is 1st July next. The manufacturers of barbed wire have been informed of this so that they can be ready to proceed with manufacture as soon as supplies of barbing wire are available.

2.   Particulars of present holdings of barbed wire by the Services are not known to the Department of Supply and Shipping. Following are particulars of the serviceable barbed wire which has been made available for disposal as surplus bythe Services: -


3.   The whole of this wirehas been disposed of with the exception of 300 tons of galvanized wive in South Australia and 200 tons in Western Australia. Of the 300 tons in South Australia, 313 tons have been recently released for tick control fencing in New South Wales and the balance for civilian uses in South Australia. The 200 tons remainingin Western Australia have been released for civilian use subject to State control. In addition to the foregoing, there are approximately 2,000 tons of black barbed wire remaining, which is mostly in badly rusted condition or else located in very isolated areas. A special release of 280 tons of galvanized barbed wire was made during April last to Queensland, to the civilian requirements committee through the Department of Agriculture, Brisbane, in connexion with flood relief purposes and this was shipped to Brisbane from New South Wales and Victoria.

Motor Vehicle Tyres.

Mr.Fadden asked the Minister representing the Minister for Supply and Shipping, upon notice -

1.   Have stocks of "D" class tyres stored at Bulimba, Queensland, yet been released for civilian use?

2.   If so, what was the number released and when was such action taken?

3.   Is it a fact that last month or earlier a list was compiled by the Department of Supply and Shipping in Brisbane for the release of these tyres and that Central Remoulds and Motor Garage of Rockhampton, to mention only one retreading firm, was not included?

4.   Who is responsible for the compilation of such a list and on what principle is it compiled?

5.   Is it a fact that during the war some metropolitan retreading firms in. Queensland would not handle. " D " class tyres and that it was the country retreading firms which handled them?

6.   If the release has not yet been made will the Minister ensure that retreading firms in country districts receive a fair share of the available tyres ?

Mr Dedman n. - The Minister for Sup ply and Shipping has supplied the following answers : -

1.   Yes.

2.   The total number released was 3499 covers and 3029 tubes. Release was effected on15th May and 3rd June, 1946, and of the quantity available. 901 tyres have been sold to city firms and 1,435 sold to country firms. The balance will be sold as orders are received.

3.   A tentative list was compiled early in April which did not include Central Remoulds and Motor Garage of Rockhampton but a revised list which includes all firms who have purchased this class of tyre from the department has been prepared and the Central Remoulds and Motor Garage of Rockhampton are included therein. The list includes the names of eighteen country firms and nine city firms.

4.   The list is compiled by the official representative of the Department of Supply and Shipping in Brisbane in accordance with generalpolicy instructions issued from the central office of the department in Melbourne. The allocations of "D" class tyres and tubes to retreaders is made by the department based on the following factors: - (a.) Scope of distribution of firms concerned ; (b ) extent of purchases of "D" class tyres in the past; (c) capacity to absorb particular tyres and sizes including those sizes not in popular demand.

5.   Yes. It is mainly a question of availability of particular sizes of 'tyres. In some eases there is no demand for certain sizes in city areas while at the same time a demand exists in the country districts. At times the position is reversed in the case of other sizes.

6.   Release has already been made. Provision exists for. retreading firms in both country and city to receive a share of available tyres and tubes of those sizes in which they are interested and having regard to the location of the tyres being sold. For example northern firms will receive preference in regard to tyres which might become available in the Townsville, Cairns, Tolga area south-western firms in the case of those at Harristown, and metropolitan firms and firms nearer the city in the case of those available in Brisbane. All country retreading firms are advised when tyres are available for disposal but it is noted that seventeen country retreaders have never bought any of these tyres.

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