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Wednesday, 10 April 1946

Mr Chifley y. - On the 4th April, the honorable member for the Northern Territory (Mr. Blain) asked the following questions, upon notice: -

1.   Has his attention been drawn te the fact that a person named John Smith Garden is employed in the government service and is provided with a luxurious suite or room on the parliamentary floor of the Commonwealth Bank building, Sydney?

2.   In what capacity is this person employed, and what is his salary V

3.   Is he the same John Smith Garden who (n) was dismissed or removed from the Defence Department for dishonesty or otherwise dealt with by the department after the last war: (6) was general secretary of the Communist party and a member of the Comintern executive in 1923-35; (c) renounced his British allegiance at that time; {d ) published a Communist paper in which the British

Royal Family were accused of degeneracy and perversion; and (e) owns and published a journal The Record ? .

4.   Will he have that paper perused to discover whether it battens on the relatives of deceased servicemen '?

5.   Is the person named fit to be employed in the Commonwealth Service? rj. Will he ascertain what office Mr. Garden occupies or has occupied within the past three years in the political organization of the Minister for Transport?

The honorable member was then informed that the information was being obtained. The answers to the honorable member's questions are as follows: -

1.   John Smith Garden is employed by the Commonwealth Government and occupies a room 16 feet by'S feet. Furniture consists of a plain desk and four chairs.

2.   Liaison officer, f.500 a year. 3. («) Mr. Garden was dismissed from the Defence Department in 1910. The case was taken to court and he won the case; (Z>) Mr. Garden was never general secretary of the Communist party and was not a member of the Comintern executive in 1923-35; (c) Mr. Garden has never renounced his British allegiance; [d)Mr. Garden had nothing whatsoever to do with any article in which the British Royal Family were accused of degeneracy and perversion; (c) Mr. Garden does not own or publish a journal named The Record. °

4.   No.

5.   I know nothing to warrant me believing he is not. He is now, and has been for 30 years, an ordained minister of the Presbyterian Church.

Ci. Mr. Garden was appointed to his present position when he was a resident of Maroubra, in the Watson electorate, and he is now a resident of Wentworth electorate. What he does after his hours of service is his own private affair.

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