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Wednesday, 9 September 1942

Mr Holt t asked the Minister for Defence, upon notice -

1.   What are the numbers of members of this Australian fighting services (a) killed; (b) wounded; (c) missing, including prisoners of war, for each of the three years of this war? 2, What arc the totals under these headings and for these periods of the Navy, Army and Air Force respectively?

Mr.CURTIN. - It is regretted that security reasons preclude the publication of the information asked for by the honorable member, but if he so desires the figures will be made available for his personal information. "A.b.C. Weekly ".

Mr Jolly (LILLEY, QUEENSLAND) asked the Minister representing the Postmaster-General, upon notice -

1.   What is the present circulation of the A. B.C. Weekly?

2.   What is the estimated total cost of each issue?

3.   What is the estimated weekly revenue from advertising and sales of the journal?

Mr Lawson (BRISBANE, QUEENSLAND) (Minister Assisting the Postmaster-General) n; - The Postmaster-General has supplied the following answer: -

The commission recently invited and received tenders for printing of the A..B.C. Weekly following the recommendation of the Joint Parliamentary Committee on Broadcasting that the journal should be continued. These tenders are now before the Minister with a recommendation from the commission. It is uncertain at this stage what issues may arise out of the tenders, or even whether fresh negotiations might be necessary, and for these reasons it is inadvisable to give any information as to circulation, net costs and advertising, which might prejudice the commission in its dealings with tenderers.

Allied Works Council - PayoF WORKERS

Mr Spender asked the Minister for the Army, upon notice -

1.   What are the rates of pay including and specifying any and all allowances, whether in cash or otherwise, and overtime rates applicable to (a) privates, (b) corporals, and (c) sergeants in the Australian Imperial Force and Australian Military Forces on the one hand, and (i) unskilled, (ii) semi-skilled, and

(iii)   skilled workers compulsorily called up for service in the Allied Works Corps on the other hand ?

2.   What are the average earnings, including all allowances, of the unskilled worker called up as above. If this cannot be given precisely, what is the approximate figure?

Mr FORDe e. - The answers to the honorable members questions arc as follows : - 1. (a) Private,6s. 6d. per day; (b) corporal, 10s. (id. per day; (c) sergeant,11s. 6d. per day, with 2s. deferred pay after six months' service. Dependants' allowance, 4s. fid. per day for wife, 33. per day for first child under sixteen, 2s. per day for second child under sixteen, and1s. (id. per day for third and each additional child under sixteen. Allowances not in cash include -

(a)   Free provision of rations and quarters;

(b)   Free issues of clothing;

(c)   Free medical and dental treatment;

(d)   In the event of death or incapacity the provisions of the Australian Soldiers' Repatriation Act will apply.

The rates of pay and allowances payable to unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled workers enrolled in the Civil Constructional Corps vary considerably in view of the wide range of classifications within each of these three groups. The wages payable are those determined by the Federal and State courts and these also vary considerably as between various States. Where war loading is prescribed by the. relative awards such war loading is paid. Overtime at prescribed rates is also payable for work in excess of regular hours.

2.   The average earnings per fortnight for unskilled workers in Victoria is £116s. 4d. In addition, members of the Civil Constructional Corps on country work receive free food and quarters and members who arc covered by the defence workers' award, and who are working on other than country work, receive an allowance of 3s. per day in lieu of fares and zone allowances.

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