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Wednesday, 3 June 1942

Mr BEASLEY (West Sydney) (Minister for Supply and Development) (3:26 AM) . - As the committee has deleted the provision dealing with the issue of debentures, it will be necessary to amend clause 113. I move -

That the words "particular - (a) for providing for the issue, inscription, transfer, transmission and redemption of inscribed stock of the commission, and all matters in relation thereto; and (b) " be left out, with a view to insert in lieu thereof the word "particular".

Amendment agreed to.

Clause, as amended, agreed to.

New clauses 96a and 96b.

Motion (by Mr. Beasley) agreed to -

That the following new clauses be inserted in the bill : - "96a. - ( 1.) Subject to the provisions of this section, the commission may determine to what extent and in what manner political speeches or any matter relating to a political subject may be broadcast from national broadcasting stations, and the licensee of acommercial broadcasting station may arrange for the broadcasting of such speeches or matter from that station. (2.) The commission or the licensee of a broadcasting station shall not, at any time prior to the close of the poll on the day on which any election for the Parliament of the Commonwealth or a State or for any House of any such Parliament or for any vacancy in any such House is held, or at any time on either of the two days immediately preceding that day, broadcast, in whole or in part, any speech or matter -

(a)   commenting on, or soliciting votes for, any candidate at the election;

(b)   commenting on, or advocating support of, any political party to which any candidate at the election belongs;

(c)   commenting upon, stating or indicating any of the issues being submitted to the electors at the election or any part of the policy of any candidate at the election or of the political party to which he belongs; or

(d)   referring to any meeting held in connexion with the election. (3.) The commission or the licensee of a commercial broadcasting station shall not, at any time on or after the date of the issue of the writs and before the close of the poll for any such election, broadcast any dramatization of matter relating to any candidate, political party, issues, policy or meeting referred to in the last preceding sub-section. 96b. - (1.) The commission, in the case of a national broadcasting station, or the licensee, in the case of a commercial broadcasting station, shall cause to be announced the true name of every speaker who is, either in person or through the agency of a sound recording device, to deliver an address or make a statement relating to a political subject or current affairs for broadcasting from the station. If the address is to be delivered or the statement is to be made on behalf of a political party, the name of the party shall be included in the announcement. (2.) The announcement shall be made at such a time and in such a manner, before and after the address or statement, as fully to disclose the identity of the speaker to any person listening to the broadcast of the address or statement. (3.) The commission or the licensee, as the ease may be, shall keep a record of the name, postal address and credentials or occupation of each such speaker, and shall furnish to the Minister any particulars of the record which the Minister by notice in writing requires.".

Schedule and title agreed to.

Bill reported with amendments.

Motion (by Mr. Beasley) agreed to -

That the billbe now recommitted for the reconsideration of clauses 71 and 08.

In committee (Recommittal) :

Clause 71 (as amended in committee) -

The licensee of a commercial broadcasting station shall not relay or broadcast any part of the programme of another broadcasting station, whether situated in Australia or elsewhere, without the consent of the owner or licensee of the originating station.

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