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Thursday, 25 May 1939

In committee:(Consideration resumed from the 24th May (vide page 722).

Clause 5 - (1.) Subject to the directions of the GovernorGeneral and to the nest succeeding subsection, the matters to be administered by the department shall be matters relating to -

(b)   the manufacture or assembly of aircraft or parts thereof by the Commonwealth or any authority of the Commonwealth ;

(c)   arrangements for the establishment or extension of industries for purposes of defence ;

(d)   the acquisition, maintenance and disposal of stocks of goods in connexion with defence;

(e)   arrangements for ascertaining costs and for the control and limitation of profits in relation to the production of munitions; and

(i)   surveys of Australian industrial capacity and the preparation of plans to ensure the effective operation of Australian industry in time of war; and

(ii)   the investigation and development of Australian sources of supply of goods, which in the opinion of the Governor-General are necessary for the economic security of the Commonwealth in time of war. (2.) The Governor-General may from time to time determine the extent to which or the conditions upon which any of the matters specified in this section may be administered by the department.

Upon which Mr. McCall had moved, by way of amendment -

That the word "profits", paragraph e, be omitted with a view to insert in lieu thereof the words " net profit to six per centum on the value of the actual assets employed in the earnings of such profit".

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