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Tuesday, 28 August 1906

Mr GLYNN (Angas) .- The honorable and learned member for Bendigo and the honorable member for Perth were of opinion, when I was speaking a few minutes ago, that I intended to propose an amendment to exclude rectified spirits from the provisions regarding maturity. The honorable member for Hindmarsh and I endeavoured to point out that those provisions were not required, but, at the same time, we do not object to their application. What we do wish is that their operation may be postponed for, say, two vintages. At present, there is not sufficient rectified spirit in stock to enable the law to be complied with, and the result would be that the making of blended brandy, composed partly of pure grape spirit, would cease. We desire a period of grace to enable manufacturers to comply with the Act. The vignerons have first to obtain a vintage, and then to keep the wine in stock for two years, so that the immediate application of the maturity conditions would be harsh in view of the fact that, as I have said, there is not sufficient wine in stock to enable blending to be carried on. The definition clause ought to be amended. We ought to exempt from the operation of the second paragraph b of clause 3 Australian wine brandy which, before some date to be prescribed, is cleared from the Customs or entered for home consumption as .provided in clause 1 1 . Clause 1 1 prescribes the 1st March, 1907, as the date from which the maturity condition shall apply. I should like the date in the case of Australian blended wine brandy to be extended for two years after March, 1907; but as there might be some objection to such a long postponement, I suggest that we should fix upon 1 st March, 1908, as the date from which this provision shall apply. I am in doubt as to whether we should also amend the definition of "Australian standard brandy." I believe that in South Australia, at all events, the pot-still brandy is kept until it has matured for two years and upwards, and that there may Be in stock sufficient of that spirit to enable this provision to at once come into operation, so far as Australian standard brandy is concerned. We ought to amend the provision in regard to Australian blended wine brand v, and if it be found that a mistake has been made in not amending the definition "clause in regard to Australian standard brandy, we may later on amend it in a similar way. It has not been clearly stated, but I believe that there is no objection to "the provision as to maturity applying at once to the Australian standard brandy. All the distillers, whom I have met, desire that every condition considered necessary by the Government to insure the proper maturing of brandy shall be applied, but that a reasonable date on which the .maturity conditions shall come into force should be fixed.

Mr Wilson - I have a prior amendment to propose.

Mr GLYNN - Then I shall refrain from moving at this stage the amendment I have indicated.

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