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Friday, 10 August 1906

Mr POYNTON (Grey) .- I, too, have an important _motion on thebusiness paper - I believe the most important there. It deals with the taking over by the Commonwealth of the Northern Territory of South Australia, and I hope that the House will come to some decision! in regard to it. I trust that the Ministry, who I believe are in earnest, will attempt to arrive at a settlement between South Australia and the Commonwealth on the subject.

Mr Wilks - How would the appointment of a Royal Commission suit the honorable member?

Mr POYNTON - That, in my opinion,, would delay matters. A big effort has. been made in South Australia to prevent the Commonwealth from obtaining control" of the Northern Territory, and if. the matter is allowed to rest, steps may be taken by a section of the politicians of that State which will prevent the Commonwealth from doing anything in regard to it for a long time to come. I believe that, inthe interests of the State and . of the Commonwealth, the Territory should be. under our control. Hence I am anxious that, notwithstanding the pressure of business before us, we should have an opportunity to come to some decision - to make some offer. At present we are standing off from each other.

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