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Friday, 27 July 1906

Mr KENNEDY (Moir'a) .- I think it goes without saying, that the motion will have the unanimous support of the House, since we shall have ample opportunity to discuss any grievances under which we labour. I desire to pay my tribute of respect to the new-bom zeal displayed by the honorable member for Gippsland for an early discussion of the Tariff.

Mr McLean - Why new-born? I was a protectionist, I believe, before the honorable member was.

Mr KENNEDY - I have still ringing in my ears the sound of the honorable member's voice when in emphatic terms he announced, on an historical occasion, that he was pledged1 above all things not to reopen the Tariff question during the life of this Parliament.

Mr McLean - I have not made such a pledge.

Mr Mauger - The honorable member cried for fiscal peace.

Mr McLean - I had no occasion to give a pledge to my constituents ; I was accorded a walk-over.

Mr KENNEDY - The words to which I refer are reported! in Hansard. They were used in this House bv the honorable member.

Mr McLean - In relation to the agreement which ti" s Prime Minister made with the party with which I was acting,. At

Mr KENNEDY - I am referring, not to agreements, but to statements made in this House. I have no quarrel with the honorable member; I have nothing but admiration and respect for him, and I wish to pay my tribute to his new-born enthusiasm in the cause of Tariff reform.

Mr McLean - It is not new-born enthusiasm. I favored the appointment of the Tariff Commission in order that grievances might be investigated and settled.

Mr KENNEDY - That was the position of affairs about eighteen months ago. As to the claim that the Government should immediately bring before the House the recommendations of the Tariff Commission, it is scarcely necessary to remind the honorable member that he announced to the Commonwealth twelve months ago that, in his opinion, this Parliament should be forthwith buried.

Mr JOSEPH COOK (PARRAMATTA, NEW SOUTH WALES) - It would have been a great deal better for it had it been buried.

Mr Deakin - We should have had a glorious resurrection.

Mr KENNEDY - The honorable member for Parramatta must admit that since then we have passed very useful legislation.

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