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Friday, 22 June 1906

Mr JOSEPH COOK (PARRAMATTA, NEW SOUTH WALES) - - I desire to say a few words by way of personal explanation. In the course of my speech, a night or two ago, I referred to the honorable member for Bland in these terms -

Anti-Socialism is against the honorable member's formula, in which be describes his objective as the condition of things in which we produce for use, and not for profit.

Mr Watson - I did not so describe my objective. The honorable member's statement, like something else he has said, is untrue.

I said then that I would make no further remark on the subject, but would ask leave to make a further explanation when I had had time to look up the quotation which was then in my mind. I now desire to quote from a report published in the Sydney Worker of 1st July of last year. The report is headed "Labour i'm Politics" - "Splendid Speech by Mr. Watson""At Sydney Protestant Hall" - "Great Demonstration of Women." Under the sub-heading of " Ideal and practice," the honorable member for Bland is reported as having stated -

The Socialism of the Labour Party was this - they looked forward lo the ideal when collectivism took the place of competition in this world, when production would be for use, and not for profit.

That, I venture to say, summarizes the precise formula of all the Continental Socialists of whom I have read.

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