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Wednesday, 6 December 1905
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Mr HIGGINS (Northern Melbourne) - I move -

That all the words after " notice," in clause 4a, line 12, be left out, with a view to insert in Heu thereof the words " until the arrangement has been sanctioned by a resolution of both Houses of Parliament."

I quite .recognise that the object of the clause is as the Prime Minister has stated. It was framed for the purpose of enabling other nations to restrain emigrants from their side of the water, and thus to obviate the necessity for imposing a prohibition upon them when they arrived here. But, although that was the object of the provision, T am inclined to think that, in its original form, it would permitted an arrangement of another nature. Under it, it would have been possible for a Minister who was out of touch with the ideal of a White Australia, acting without the consent of Parliament, to admit a number of coloured aliens, and the- evil could not have been remedied, because they could not very well have been returned to their homes. I do not think I need make a lengthy ex planation of my proposal. I understand! that it has the approval of the Government.

Mr Deakin - Hear, hear.

Mr HIGGINS - That being so, I shall not further occupy the time of the Committee.

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