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Wednesday, 6 December 1905
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Mr LONSDALE (New England) - The honorable member for Grey says that he will vote for the amendment, because it will bring us back to the old position. But to do that he must vote against both the amendment and the clause.

Mr Poynton - I shall be willing to vote against the clause, but I would sooner see it passed as it is proposed to amend it than as it stands.

Mr LONSDALE - I shall vote against the clause if it. is amended in the way the Prime Minister proposes to amend it. and shall, of course, vote against the amendment, because I think it better to leave the Immigration Restriction Act as it is than to place a canting and hypocritical measure on the statute-book. The Bill, as introduced, provides that the test shall be the writing of fifty words in any prescribed language; but now, because of some pressure brought to bear on the Prime Minister, probably by his masters-

The CHAIRMAN - I think it is inad visable for the honorable member to use that expression.

Mr LONSDALE - I withdraw it, if it is considered offensive. If the amendment is agreed1 to, and regulations are framed and laid on the table of the House, a party debate will be stirred up, which will not be pleasant to the nation whose feelings we are trying to mollify. I am with the honorable and) learned member for West Sydney in the opinion that we should say straight-out what we mean.

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