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Wednesday, 6 December 1905
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Mr KING O'MALLEY (DARWIN, TASMANIA) - I can quite see how genuine the Prime Minister is in submitting this Bill, and I wish I could look at the matter as he does.

Mr Deakin - I shall satisfy the honorable member as soon as we get into Committee.

Mr KING O'MALLEY - I know that my honoured leader is also of the sameopinion. I differ from the honorable member for Bland and the Prime Minister, and I desire to divide the House on the motion for the second reading of the Bill.

Mr Deakin - Would it not be better for the honorable member to wait until the Bill reaches the Committee stage, so that he may vote for those provisions of which he approves ?

Mr KING O'MALLEY - Perhaps, that would be the better course to take. For years and years the people of New York and the other States on the Atlantic coast could not be prevailed upon to join in a movement for the exclusion of Chinese from America. When a number of Congressmen of the Eastern States visited San Francisco, they were dropped down in themidst of China town, and were lost there for the night. What they saw there brought home to them a full realization of the terrible crime they were committing, and the utter degradation to which they were exposing the whites, by introducing people of Oriental races who were entirelyunfamiliar with the conditions of life among Europeans. I do not say that Orientals are inferior to Europeans - I am not speaking from that stand-point; but I contend that they cannot be assimilated with white populations. The poll-tax imposed by the United States proved utterly inadequateto exclude Chinamen from that country. The six big companies of California notonly paid to ship captains the 500 dols.deposit required by the Customs officials, butalso bribed them to allow Chinamen to getaway from their ships.

Mr Conroy - Not one in 50,000 could afford to pay a poll-tax of£100.

Mr KING O'MALLEY - That was arranged for by the big companies which were making money out of the introduction of Chinese into the States. Similar combinations would operate here in the same way. Abraham Lincoln once said that you could fool some of the people all the time, and all the people some of the time, but not all the people all the time. Soit is in connexion with this measure. The public will not be fooled into the belief that Chinamen will be kept out whilst it is possible to bribe ship captains and others to bring them in here. It was reported recently that Chinamen were stowed away in the coal bunkers of a vessel which recently arrived at F remantle, and there is no doubt that ship captains are being bribed to bring coloured aliens to Australia. Every one in this country who is not a millionaire is endeavouring to become one as soon as possible, and many people are not particular as to the means which they employ to that end. Is it to be supposed that men who are anxious to become rich will be proof against the inducements which could be offered to them under a measure of this kind to introduce Asiatics into Australia? Bad as the Chinese are in America, in that they drive white workers out of certain employments, the Japanese are infinitely worse.

Mr McWilliams - That is because they are better men.

Mr KING O'MALLEY - An agitation for the exclusion of Japanese from the United States is now proceeding. This is not attributable to any ill-feeling towards the Japanese, but is due to the fact that wherever they settle the white man has to go. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, a large settlement which was previously occupied by whites has been absorbed by the Japanese, who have bought out, or driven out, the former occupants. The Japanese now own a large number of the orchards of California. They do not spend a single dollar in the country; they import everything they want from Japan, and send their money to that country . That might be very good for Japan, but it would not be of benefit to a country like Australia, If the Japanese settled in Australia inany numbers, whether in the Northern Territory or elsewhere, they would gradually acquire vested interests, and, if we attempted to regulate them, would appeal totheir

Government, and bring upon us a trouble similar to that which arose from the settlement of Uitlanders in the Transvaal. It would have been better for the Boers if they hadnever allowed a European to settle in their territory. Now, what has happened in the Transvaal ? Instead of furnishing a field for the employment of thousands of British subjects, it has become a den of Chinese slavery. By the aid of the gold mines, the country should have been settled by British people, who would have purchased British goods from British manufacturers, and would have carried British guns if the nation had ever become involved in war. I cannot understand how any one can desire to make the Commonwealth half white and half black, or half white and half yellow. No nation could prosper under such conditions. A few hundreds of years ago the Liverpool merchants, with a view to afford an opening for their trade in the colonies which now form the Southern States of America, established slavery there, and, as a consequence, the United States Government now have to face a serious race problem. Let us profit by the lesson that is to be derived from the experience of the United States, and at once abandon the idea of admittingcoloured aliens to theCommonwealth. I desire to know whether if the word "European" is struck out that will enable the administrator of the Act to admit immigrants who know the Chinese or the Japanese language ? I will now read a fewpassages from a leading article published in the Age newspaper of 13th November. It says -

It may be hoped that the Prime Minister's amendments of the Immigration Restriction Act will not be accepted by Parliament. They are virtually an abandonment of a White Australia. They open the door to all sorts of dangers and abuses; and they do so without any justifiable reason. In striking out of the Act as it stands the need of coloured aliens passing an education test in a European language, permission is virtually given to any Minister who chooses to let in any number of a coloured race. Mr. Deakin himself has taught us what that means. We know what use Mr.Reid made of his period of power. He endeavoured by the indefinite extension of a period of fiscal truce to subvert the Protectionist policy of Australia by the continuance of a Tariff which is strangling some of the industries of one State.

Again, the article says -

That change could have no bad effect at all as long as there was in office a man loyal to the policy of a White Australia. Mr. Deakin himself could be fully trusted to "prescribe" such a language test as would exclude every undesirable alien. But very few people indeed in the Liberal camp would intrust a similar power in Mr. Reid's hands, or in those of Mr. Bruce Smith, Mr. Dugald Thomson, or any of their immediate coterie. As the law stands at present, it is safe and effective, and no one can say that it has been productive of any serious inconvenience.

Further down it says -

Mr. Hutchisonwas not travelling an inch beyond the records when he said that the innovation proposed by the Prime Minister wasa blow at the policy of a White Australia, and nothing which Mr. Deakin advanced in support of his proposal relieved it of that imputation.

Mr SPEAKER - The honorable member must not read newspaper comments upon parliamentary debates.

Mr KING O'MALLEY - I am reading a leading article referring to the question before the House. Is that against the rules ?

Mr SPEAKER - The honorable member must see that what he was reading were not comments upon the Bill but upon a debate in this House. That is not in order.

Mr KING O'MALLEY - I should have liked to read a few more passages from the article, but they are all upon the same lines, showing that this measure will endanger the White Australia policy. It is a wellknown fact that the recent boycott of American goods in China was inspired by the capitalists of the United States, who wished to create a feeling in favour of weakening the Alien Immigration Act of that country. Their object was to be able to do as the millionaires of the Rand had done - import Chinese as slaves to work in the mines. Files of the American newspapers to hand show that American capitalists wished the Chinese to be brought into America in order that they might replace white men by docile slaves. They desire to substitute Chinese slavery for black slavery. Suppose this Australian continent is not filled during our life-time with a population of tens of millions, what will it matter? Australia is the last resort for the British race. It is a place set apart for the surplus population of Great Britain.

Mr Conroy - -They are shut out.

Mr KING O'MALLEY - I am amazed that the honorable member should make such a declaration. How are they shut out? The only people belonging to the white race who are shut out from Australia are criminals and lunatics. We do not want them. Has not the honorable and learned member seen in the newspapers accounts of theMafias., the Italian secret society, in New York? Those people have been allowed to flock in and destroy the peace, order, and good government of the city. We must have immigration restriction laws to prevent the immigration of such people. It is our duty to make it impossible for this country to become the resort of those who would,, on the one hand, black-mail and sweat the people of this country, and on the other become " boodlers."

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