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Thursday, 30 November 1905

Mr HUTCHISON (Hindmarsh) - If the amendment is lost, the result will be that a very large number of sea-faring persons will be disfranchised. Under present arrangements, a Customs officer goes on board a ship, and ascertains how many persons are on board, but no schedules are filled up, we are not even able to- ascertain the nationality of those persons, and they have no means of getting their names on the rolls, unless when they arrive at their destination, they make special application. The same facilities should be afforded to people on board ships to secure the inclusion of their names on the electoral rolls as are afforded to others. I think that the amendment made by the Senate proposes only what is fair. I point out that our statistics cannot possibly be accurately compiled, unless we can ascertain the nationality of every person on board ships. I hope that the House will not insist on its disagreement with the amendment.

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