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Thursday, 30 November 1905

Mr JOSEPH COOK (PARRAMATTA, NEW SOUTH WALES) - I am perfectly willing to consent to the arrangement which has been announced by the Vice-President of the Executive Council. I think that the arrangement made is as fair as we could expect, having in. view the attitude of the Government throughout the whole of the proceedings on this Bill.

Mr Frazer - Who made the arrangement ?

Mr Ewing - The Prime Minister.

Mr Frazer - I am against it.

Mr. McCAY(Corinella). - I understand that some arrangement has been arrived at to adjourn after the long sitting we have had, and to meet again on Tuesday. If that be the case, I am prepared to promise two things : the first is to stop now, and the second to be brief on Tuesday. I understand that the deputy leader of the Opposition and the Prime Minister wish to make some further announcement to the Committee, and I give way to enable them to do so.

Mr. JOSEPHCOOK (Parramatta).- The result of recent cogitations, as I understand it. is that it has been arranged that we are to leave now to catch our trains, on the understanding that on Tuesday, not only shall the debate on this stage of the Bill be finished1, but that the third reading shall also be carried through this House.

Mr Spence - That is a fair thing.

Mr JOSEPH COOK (PARRAMATTA, NEW SOUTH WALES) - I do not know; I am not particular about it. I have no wish to adhere to the arrangement if the Government wish to withdraw from it. It is quite open to them to do so, if they so desire. We on this side are not suppliants in any sense of the word. But it occurred to me that the arrangement made was a reasonable one, having in view the action of the Government throughout the whole of the debate on this measure. I gave it my support as a fair proposal in all the circumstances of the case. That is all I have to Say.

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