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Part 6 - Historical information on the Australian Parliament - Longest serving members

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Longest serving members

Senators and Members of the House of Representatives who have served more than thirty years.




Pearce, George Foster (later Sir George)

37 years 3 months

Cooper, Walter Jackson (later Sir Walter)

36 years 7 monthsa

O'Byrne, Justin

34 years

Brown, Gordon

33 years

Lynch, Patrick Joseph

31 years 6 months

Boswell, Ronald Leslie Doyle

31 years 3 months

Crawford, Thomas William

30 years

Foll, Hattil Spencer

30 years

Watson, John Odin Wentworth

30 years

Members of the House of Representatives



Hughes, William Morris

51 years 7 months

Page, Earle Christmas Grafton (later Sir Earle)

42 years

Ruddock, Philip Maxwell

42 years 9 months

McEwen, John (later Sir John)

36 years 5 months

Maloney, William Robert Nuttall

36 years 5 months

Makin, Norman John Oswald

36 years 1 month*

Brennan, Frank

36 years 1 month

Clark, Joseph James

35 years 1 month

Sinclair, Ian McCahon

34 years 9 months

Watkins, David

34 years

Cadman, Alan Glyndwr

33 years 5 months

Howard, John Winston

33 years 5 months

Groom, Littleton Ernest (later Sir Littleton)

33 years 1 month

Francis, Josiah

32 years 11 months

Holt, Harold Edward

32 years 4 months

Beazley, Kim Edward

32 years 3 months

Daly, Frederick Michael

32 years 3 months

Ward, Edward John

32 years 3 months*

Calwell, Arthur Augustus

32 years 1 month

McMahon, William (later Sir William)

32 years 1 month

Menzies, Robert Gordon (later Sir Robert)

31 years 5 months

Uren, Thomas

31 years 3 months

Scullin, James Henry

30 years 10 months*

Cameron, Clyde Robert

30 years 9 months

Jull, David Francis

30 years 1 month*

Lazzarini, Hubert Peter

30 years 1 month*

Note: For details of the term of service of those listed see lists of Senators and Members, pp. 422-499

* By Election.

a Term served in broken periods.