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Part 2 - The Forty-fifth Parliament - The House of Representatives - Office holders*

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Office holders*

SMITH, the Hon. Anthony (Tony) David Hawthorn

Speaker of the House of Representatives from 10.8.2015.

For biographical details, see p. 215


Smith, the Hon. Anthony (Tony) David Hawthorn

Deputy Speaker

Coulton, Mark Maclean

Second Deputy Speaker

Mitchell, Robert (Rob) George

Speaker's Panel

Broadbent, Russell Evan

Irons, Stephen (Steve) James

Kelly, Craig

Vasta, Ross Xavier

Wicks, Lucy Elizabeth

Georganas, Steven (Steve)

Goodenough, Ian Reginald

Vamvakinou, Maria

Hastie, Andrew William

Hogan, Kevin

Buchholz, Scott Andrew

Bird, Sharon

Claydon, Sharon Catherine

Parliamentary Party Leaders and Whips

Liberal Party of Australia

Leader of the Party and Prime Minister

Turnbull, the Hon. Malcolm Bligh

Deputy Leader of the Party

Bishop, the Hon. Julie Isabel

Chief Government Whip

Marino, Nola Bethwyn

Government Whips

Ramsey, Rowan Eric

Van Manen, Albertus (Bert) Johannes

The Nationals

Leader of the Party and Deputy Prime Minister

Joyce, the Hon. Barnaby Thomas Gerard

Chief Nationals Whip

Drum, Damian Kevin

Deputy Nationals Whip

Landry, Michelle Leanne

Australian Labor Party

Leader of the Party and Leader of the Opposition

Shorten, the Hon. William (Bill) Richard

Deputy Leader of the Party and Deputy Leader of the Opposition

Plibersek, the Hon. Tanya Joan

Chief Opposition Whip

Hayes, Christopher (Chris) Patrick

Opposition Whips

Perrett, Graham Douglas

Ryan, Joanne Catherine

* As at 11.3.2017

Note: A Member's preferred name, when not a first name, is shown in brackets.