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2015 will mark the centenary of the Library's flagship publication, the Parliamentary Handbook of the Commonwealth of Australia.

It was in a 1915 report to the Parliament that the Joint Library Committee requested the publication of

a Commonwealth Parliamentary Handbook, giving a short political biography of all Members of both Houses since the initiation of Federation, with portraits in most cases, particulars of every election in the same period, with other information likely to be useful.

The first edition appeared later that year as the Biographical Handbook and Record of Elections for the Parliament of the Commonwealth. A new edition of the Handbook has been published for almost every new Parliament since then, and first appeared online in 1999.

The Parliamentary Handbook has grown to become a comprehensive reference work on many aspects of the Commonwealth Parliament and the Australian political system.

This 33rd edition of the Parliamentary Handbook sets out detailed information about the 44th Commonwealth Parliament. The parliamentary service and political careers of Senators and Members are presented, together with details of parliamentary committees and elections up to and including the September 2013 poll and subsequent special Senate election in Western Australia. The biographical information is correct as at 1 August 2014.

The Handbook is published in hard copy only once in the life of a Parliament. However, the full-text online version is updated regularly and can be found on the Parliament's website at and through Parlinfo Search.

Dr Dianne Heriot

Parliamentary Librarian

Department of Parliamentary Services


This edition of the Parliamentary Handbook was compiled by staff of the Parliamentary Library, principally Martin Lumb, with assistance from Stephen Barber, Toby Bellwood, Hannah Gobbett, Brenton Holmes, Rob Lundie, Joy McCann, Deirdre McKeown, Cathy Madden and Janet Wilson.

Others who have assisted the Parliamentary Library include the Australian Electoral Commission, David Foote and Howard Moffat (AUSPIC, Department of Parliamentary Services), Denny Neave, Diane Evans, Cathy Johnstone, Pat Kan (Big Sky Publishing) and Adam Carr.

Front cover photograph by Howard Moffat (AUSPIC). The concept was created by Peter Milne from The Electric Canvas.