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Conduct of the 2010 federal election and matters related thereto
Joint committee
Wednesday, 13 April 2011
Conduct of the 2010 federal election and matters related thereto

CHAIR (Mr Melham) —I declare open the fifth public hearing of the Joint Committee on Electoral Matters and its inquiry into the conduct of the 2010 federal election and related matters. To date the committee has received 105 submissions for this inquiry, which have raised numerous issues which the committee is considering. The Victorian Electoral Commissioner is appearing at the committee’s invitation, as well as other groups and individuals that have submitted to the inquiry. Today’s hearing will include a session on the practicalities of delivering an accessible, efficient and secure voting system.

A program of groups appearing is available from the secretariat and I think it is on the table. I would like to thank today’s witnesses for appearing. The evidence today will be recorded by Hansard and is covered by parliamentary privilege. Before introducing the witnesses, I refer members of the media who may be present at this hearing of the need to fairly and accurately report the proceedings of the committee.

[9.28 am]