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Economics Legislation Committee


In Attendance

Senator Canavan, Minister for Resources and Northern Australia

Senator Birmingham, Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment


Dr Heather Smith, Secretary

Ms Mary Ann O'Loughlin, Deputy Secretary

Ms Elizabeth Kelly, Deputy Secretary

Mr Mike Lawson, Deputy Secretary

Ms Sue Weston, Deputy Secretary

Anti Dumping Commission

Mr Dale Seymour, Commissioner

Mr Paul Sexton, General Manager, Investigations

Mr Nathan Zhivov, General Manager, Economic and Strategic Services

AusIndustry, Industry Capability and Research

Mr Duncan McIntyre, Head of Division

Ms Joanne Mulder, General Manager, Research and Development Tax Incentive

Ms Sue Cattermole, General Manager, Centre for Defence Industry Capability

Ms Veronica Heard, Acting General Manager, Centre for Defence Industry Capability

Ms Jennifer Kay, General Manager, Industry Research and Investment

AusIndustry, Support for Business

Ms Teena Blewitt PSM, Head of Division

Ms Lisa Hind, General Manager, Service Strategy and Governance

Ms Annie Ryan, General Manager, Department of Industry, Innovation and Science Grants Administration

Mr Steve Stirling, General Manager, Entrepreneurs' Programme, Programme Management and Delivery

Australian Building Codes Board

Mr Neil Savery, Chief Executive Officer

Australian Space Agency

Dr Megan Clark AC, Head of Agency

Mr Anthony Murfett, Deputy Head of Agency


Ms Janean Richards, Chief Operating Officer

Mr Brad Medland, Chief Financial Officer

Ms Janice Wykes, General Manager, Ministerial and Shared Services

Ms Virginia Cook, General Manager, Communications

Mr Maris Stipnieks, General Manager, Legal, Audit and Assurance

Ms Rachael Jackson, General Manager, People and Planning

Digital Strategy and Operations

Rebecca Lee, Chief Information Officer, Digital Strategy and Operations

Clive Rossiter, General Manager, ICT Operations and Security

Economic and Analytical Services

Ms Melissa Bray, General Manager, Economic Advice Service Branch

Mr David Turvey, General Manager, Insights and Evaluation Branch

Industry Growth

Mr Trevor Power, Head of Division

Dr Gary Richards, General Manager, Advanced Technologies Branch

Mr David Lawrence, General Manager, Sectoral and Place Based Policy Branch

Ms Jessica Carew, General Manager, Industry Transition Branch

Ms Rebecca Manen, General Manager, Business Facilitation and Food Policy Branch

National Measurement Institute

Ms Ann Bray, General Manager, Engagement and Business Development

Northern Australia and Major Projects

Ms Sam Reinhardt, Head of Division

Mr Nick Purtell, General Manager, Major Projects

Ms Sam Chard, General Manager, National Radioactive Waste Management Facility

Mr Mark Coffey, General Manager, Office of Northern Australia

Office of Innovat ion and Science Australia

Dr Charles Day, Chief Executive Officer

O f fice of the Chief Scientist

Dr Alan Finkel, Chief Scientist


Professor Graham Durant, Director

Dr Bobby Cerini, Acting Deputy Director and General Manager, Science and Learning


Mr Paul Trotman, Head of Division

Mr Bruce Wilson, Principal Advisor

Mr Michael Sheldrick, General Manager, Onshore Energy Branch

Mr Jason Russo, General Manager, Onshore Minerals Branch

Ms Lisa Schofield, General Manager, Timor Sea

Mr Geoff Whelan, Acting General Manager, Offshore Resources Branch

Dr Gino Grassia, General Manager, Resources 2030 Taskforce

Mr Graeme Waters, General Manager, National Offshore Petroleum Titles Administrator

Rachel Fry, Manager, Legislative Compliance Team, National Petroleum Titles Administrator

Strategic Policy

Dr Chris Locke, Head of Division

Mr Martin Squire, General Manager, Trade and International

Mr Wayne Calder, General Manager, Business Environment

Ms Narelle Luchetti, General Manager, Digital Economy and Business Simplification

Ms Anthea Long, General Manager, Strategic Policy

Science and Commercialisation Policy

Mrs Jane Urquhart, Head of Division

Mr David Luchetti, General Manager, Australian SKA Office

Mr David Wilson, General Manager, Commercialisation Policy Branch

Ms Claire Forsyth, Acting General Manager, Science Agencies Governance Branch

Dr Sarojini (Ro) Mitchell, Acting General Manager, Science Policy Branch

Austral ian Institute of Marine Science

Dr Paul Hardisty, Chief Executive Officer

Mr David Mead, Executive Director Strategic Development

Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation

Dr Adi Paterson, Chief Executive Officer

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

Dr Larry Marshall, Chief Executive

Dr Peter Mayfield, Executive Director, Environment, Energy and Resources

Dr Dave Williams, Executive Director, Digital, National Facilities and Collections

Ms Ilona Charles, Executive Director People

Mr Nigel Warren, Acting Executive Director Growth

Mr Tom Munyard, Chief Finance Officer

Dr Jack Steele, Director Science Impact and Policy

Dr Anita Hill, Executive Director, Future Industries

Ms Judi Zielke, Chief Operating Officer

National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority

Mr Stuart Smith, Chief Executive Officer

Mr Derrick O'Keeffe, Head of Division, Safety and Integrity

Mr Cameron Grebe, Head of Division, Environment

Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility

Ms Laurie Walker, Chief Executive Officer

Mr Adam Thatcher, General Counsel

Ms Carol Bellettini, Chief of Staff