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Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee
Federal Court of Australia

Federal Court of Australia


CHAIR: We are now going to the Federal Court of Australia, including National Title Tribunal. Senator Wright, do you have any questions?

Senator WRIGHT: No, I do not.

CHAIR: I am sorry; you are listed as having questions regarding—

Senator WRIGHT: What was that for?

CHAIR: The Federal Court of Australia, including National Title Tribunal. But if you do not, I apologise for bringing—

Senator WRIGHT: No. I did not have any for the National Title Tribunal. What was the—

CHAIR: Federal Court.

Senator WRIGHT: That was really just these questions that I have been asking.

Mr Fredericks : Chair, in fairness, a number of the questions that we have been discussing are referable to the Federal Court as well, so I think we have answered the questions already that would logically have been asked of the Federal Court.

CHAIR: Okay.

Senator WRIGHT: That was what I indicated. Family and Federal Court: they were being asked the same questions.

Senator JACINTA COLLINS: I was confused by this too. We were dealing with the Family Court and the Federal Circuit Court separately to the Federal Court.

Senator WRIGHT: But I was also asking questions about Federal Court fees, if you recollect. I was dealing with them all together.

Senator JACINTA COLLINS: Well, that is both.

CHAIR: Ms Fletcher and gentlemen, I am sorry for having you brought here under false pretences. I am desperately sad about that. We do try to get senators to indicate who they want to call. Clearly, the government have no questions. I am sorry about that, but that is the way it is—our apologies.