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Community Affairs Legislation Committee
Office of the Gene Technology Regulator

Office of the Gene Technology Regulator

[14:0 8 ]

CHAIR: Welcome.

Senator FIERRAVANTI-WELLS: Like TGA, you are in the circumstance that your funding and expenses are included in the overall budget statement. Is that the case?

Dr Smith : Yes.

Senator FIERRAVANTI-WELLS: I am looking at program 1.4. Your component is $8,179 million, there at page 49?

Dr Smith : Yes.

Senator FIERRAVANTI-WELLS: Would the figure for 2010-11 be reflected in the annual report?

Dr Smith : Yes.

Senator FIERRAVANTI-WELLS: Do you have that figure, perchance?

Dr Smith : I have the figures here, but they are without GST components. I can give you the total expenses for those years: $7.889 million for 2010-11 and $8.158 million for 2011-12.

Senator FIERRAVANTI-WELLS: And what about for 2012-13? Are you on track?

Dr Smith : Yes, we are on track to break even.

Senator FIERRAVANTI-WELLS: Ms Halton, you have a very good record here. They all seem to be on track!

Ms Halton : Are you surprised, Senator?

Senator FIERRAVANTI-WELLS: No, I am not! So, there have been no changes to your budget since the PBS?

Dr Smith : No.

Senator FIERRAVANTI-WELLS: Has there been any variation in staff numbers?

Dr Smith : Not from what is in the budget.

Senator FIERRAVANTI-WELLS: And are you on track in relation to forward estimates?

Dr Smith : We are on track as best as we can predict, yes.

Senator FIERRAVANTI-WELLS: Thank you. That is all I have.

CHAIR: I believe Senator Siewert may have some questions on notice. Thank you very much.