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Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Legislation Committee


In Attendance

Senator Payne, Minister for Foreign Affairs

Senator Fawcett, Assistant Minister for Defence

Department of Defence

Portfolio overview and questions arising from opening statements

Mr Greg Moriarty, Secretary

General Angus Campbell AO DSC Chief of the Defence Force

Outcome 1: Defence Australia and its national interests through the conduct of operations and provisions of support for the Australian community and civilian authorities in accordance with Government direction.

Program 1.1: Operations contributing to the safety of the immediate neighbourhood

Lieutenant General Richard Burr AO DSC MVO, Chief of Army

Vice Admiral Michael Noonan, AO Chief of Navy

Air Marshal Gavin 'Leo' Davies, AO CSC, Chief of Air Force

Program 1.2: Operations supporting wider interests

Lieutenant General Richard Burr AO DSC MVO, Chief of Army

Vice Admiral Michael Noonan AO, Chief of Navy

Air Marshal Gavin 'Leo' Davies AO CSC, Chief of Air Force

Program 1.3: Defence contribution to national support tasks in Australia

Lieutenant General Richard Burr AO DSC MVO, Chief of Army

Vice Admiral Michael Noonan AO, Chief of Navy

Air Marshal Gavin 'Leo' Davies AO CSC, Chief of Air Force

Outcome 2: Protect and advance Australia’s strategic interests through the provision of strategic policy, the development, delivery and sustainment of military, intelligence and enabling capabilities, and the promotion of regional and global security and stability as directed by Government.

Program 2.1: Strategic Policy and Intelligence

Mr Tom Hamilton, Acting Deputy Secretary, Strategic Policy and Intelligence

Mr Hugh Jeffrey, First Assistant Secretary, International Policy

Ms Samantha Higgins, Acting First Assistant Secretary, Strategic Policy

Dr Sheridan Kearnan, First Assistant Secretary, Defence Industry Policy

Program 2.2: Defence Executive Support

Ms Rebecca Skinner, Associate Secretary

Mr Mark Cunliffe, Head, Defence Legal

Ms Megan Lees, First Assistant Secretary, Governance and Reform Division

Dr Tom McGoram, Assistant Secretary, Enterprise Reform Branch

Mr John Geering, First Assistant Secretary, Ministerial Executive Coordination and Communication

Ms Celia Perkins, First Assistant Secretary, Security and Vetting Services

Dr Tom Clarke, First Assistant Secretary, Audit and Fraud Control

Program 2.3: Chief Finance Officer

Mr Steven Groves, Chief Finance Officer

Program 2.4: Chief of Joint Capabilities

Major General Marcus Thompson AM, Deputy Chief Information Warfare

Air Vice-Marshal Tracy Smart AM, Commander Joint Health

Major General David Mulhall DSC AM CSC, Commander Joint Logistics

Air Vice-Marshal Warren McDonald AM CSC, Chief of Joint Capabilities

Program 2.5: Navy Capabilities

Vice Admiral Michael Noonan AO, Chief of Navy

Program 2.6: Army Capabilities

Lieutenant General Richard Burr AO DSC MVO, Chief of Army

Program 2.7: Air Force Capabilities

Air Marshal Leo Davies, Chief of Air Force AO CSC

Program 2.8: Australian Defence Force Headquarters

Vice Admiral David Johnston, Vice Chief of the Defence Force

Brigadier Jason Blaine, Acting Head Force Design

Air Vice-Marshal Stephen Meredith, Head Force Integration

Major General Peter Gilmore, Head Military Strategic Commitments

Rear Admiral Bruce Kafer AM CSC, Head Reserve and Youth Division

Program 2.9: Capability Acquisition and Sustainment

Mr Greg Divall, Acting Deputy Secretary, Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group

Mr Shane Fairweather, Acting Group Business Manager, Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group

Mr Stephen Johnson, Deputy Secretary, National Naval Shipbuilding, and General Manager, Submarines

Air Vice-Marshal Leigh Gordon AM CSM, Head, Joint Strike Fighter

Major General David Coghlan AM, Head, Land Systems

Brigadier Jeremy King, Acting First Assistant Secretary, Helicopter Systems Division

Commodore Wendy Malcolm, Acting Head, Maritime Systems

Rear Admiral Tony Dalton, General Manager, Ships Division

Rear Admiral Gregory Sammut, Head, Future Submarine Program

Mr Peter Chesworth, First Assistant Secretary, National Naval Shipbuilding Office

Air Vice-Marshal Catherine Roberts AM CSC, Head, Aerospace Systems

Ms Traci-Ann Byrnes, First Assistant Secretary, Program Performance

Mr Ivan Zlabur, First Assistant Secretary, Joint Systems

Mr Darren Box, First Assistant Secretary, Procurement and Contracting

Ms Angela Diamond, First Assistant Secretary, Financial Management and Performance

Mr Daniel Fankhauser, Assistant Secretary, Naval Shipbuilding

Program 2.10: Estate and Infrastructure

Mr Steve Grzeskowiak, Deputy Secretary, Estate and Infrastructure

Mr Chris Birrer, First Assistant Secretary, Infrastructure Division

Program 2.11: Chief Information Officer

Mr Stephen Pearson, Chief Information Officer

Commodore Jeff Goedecke, Acting Chief Technology Officer

Program 2.12: Defence People

Ms Justine Greig, Deputy Secretary Defence People

Rear Admiral Brett Wolski, AM, Head People Capability

Mrs Lisa Phelps, First Assistant Secretary People Services

Mr Patrick Hetherington, First Assistant Secretary People Policy and Culture

Program 2.13: Defence Science and Technology

Dr Alex Zelinsky, Chief Defence Scientist

Dr David Kershaw, Chief Maritime Division

Dr Todd Mansell, Chief Science Strategy and Program Division

Program 2.14: Defence Force Superannuation Benefits

Program 2.15: Defence Force Superannuation Nominal Interest

Program 2.16: Housing Assistance

Mr Steve Grzeskowiak, Deputy Secretary Estate and Infrastructure

Department of Veterans' Affairs

Ms Liz Cosson AM CSC, Secretary

Chief Operating Officer, Mr Mark Cormack

Mr Craig Orme DSC AM CSC, Deputy President

Major General Mark Kelly AO DSC, Repatriation Commissioner

Dr Ian Gardner, Chief Health Officer

Dr Stephanie Hodson CSC, National Manager, Veterans and Veterans Family Counselling Service Branch

Mr Mark Harrigan, First Assistant Secretary, Business Support Services Division

Ms Kate Pope PSM, First Assistant Secretary, Transformation and Organisational Performance Division

Ms Bobbi Campbell, First Assistant Secretary, Legal, Assurance and Governance Division

Mr John Fely, First Assistant Secretary, External Stakeholder and Government Relations Division

Ms Natasha Cole, First Assistant Secretary, Clients' Benefits Division

Ms Gayle Anderson, First Assistant Secretary, Client Engagement and Support Services

Ms Veronica Hancock, Acting First Assistant Secretary, Veterans' Services Design Division

Mr Graeme Rochow, Assistant Secretary, Chief Finance Officer, Finance and Property Branch

Mr Neil Bayles, Assistant Secretary, Portfolio Assurance Branch

Mr Mark Garrity, Assistant Secretary, Program Integration Branch

Ms Edel Kairouz, Assistant Secretary, Eligibility and Payments Policy Branch

Mr Ken Corke, National Manager, Commemorations and War Graves Branch

Ms Maralyn Newman, Deputy Commissioner New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory, and Assistant Secretary, Business Improvement and Support Branch

Mr Peter King, Deputy Commissioner Western Australia, and Assistant Secretary, Incapacity and Permanent Impairment Payments Branch

Mr Luke Brown, Deputy Commissioner Tasmania, and Assistant Secretary, Security, Governance and Quality Assurance Branch

Ms Leonie Nowland, Deputy Commissioner Victoria, and Assistant Secretary, Primary Claims Branch

Ms Leanne Cameron, Deputy Commissioner Queensland, and Assistant Secretary, Client coordination and Support Branch

Australian War Memorial

Dr Brendan Nelson, Director

Ms Leanne Patterson, Assistant Director, Corporate Services

Major General Brian Dawson (Retired), Assistant Director

Ms Anne Bennie, Assistant Director, Public Programs

Ms Helen Petrovski, Chief Finance Officer

Australian Signals Directorate

Outcome 1

Program 1.1:

Mr Mike Burgess, Director-General

Lieutenant General John Frewen, Principal Deputy Director-General

Mr Simeon Gilding, Deputy Director-General, Signals Intelligence and Network Operations Group

Mr Hazel Bennett, Deputy Director-General, Corporate and Capability Group

Mr Alastair MacGibbon, Head, Australian Cyber Security Centre

Defence Housing Australia

Mr Dan Carton, Head, Sales and Portfolio Management

Mr Paul Groenewegen, Chief Financial Officer

Mr Ross Jordan, General Manager, Governance

Mr Brett Jorgensen, Acting General Manager, Property Provisioning Group

Mr Rob Lafreniere Head, Project Symphony

Mr Jeremy Logan, Senior Executive Officer

Ms Jan Mason, Managing Director

Mr Shane Nielsen, General Manager, People and Corporate Capability

Ms Suzanne Pitson, General Manager, Portfolio Management Group

Ms Christine Steele, Acting General Manager Property and Tenancy Services

Committee met at 09 :01

CHAIR ( Senator Abetz ): It being past the allotted time, I declare open the supplementary budget estimates 2018-19 hearing of the Senate Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Legislation Committee. Today the committee will examine the Defence portfolio as set out on the circulated program. The committee has fixed Friday, 2 November 2018 as the date for senators to provide written questions on notice and Friday, 7 December 2018 as the date for the return of answers to questions taken on notice. Information on procedural rules governing the estimates hearings and claims of public interest immunity has been provided to departments and agencies and is available from the secretariat.