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Notice given 1 June 2012

Senator Rhiannon: To ask the Ministers listed below (Question Nos 1870-1871)—In regard to claims made by Mr Wilson, a former Wall Street resource analyst, of ongoing interference by the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) since authoring a research report in 1996 and associated comments on the shooting deaths of seven Indigenous protestors at the Freeport-McMoRan Copper and Gold Grasberg mine site in West Papua in 1994:

(1) How has the Minister or the department investigated the allegations raised by Mr Wilson of interference by ASIO with his employers, family, friends, peers, neighbours and business.

(2) Has the Minister or the department investigated the allegations raised by Mr Wilson of inappropriate and inadequate oversight and review by the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security (IGIS) of this matter; if so, how was that investigation carried out and what was the outcome.

(3) Has the Minister requested any information from ASIO, IGIS or from other sources in considering Mr Wilson’s request for an investigation into the allegations concerning ASIO and IGIS; if so: (a) when and to whom was the request made; (b) what details were requested; and (c) was a response provided; if so, can details or a copy of that response be provided.

(4) Why has IGIS decided not to investigate any matters raised, despite Mr Wilson providing substantive additional allegations and detailed information concerning inappropriate ASIO interference subsequent to IGIS’s preliminary investigation in 2004.

(5) What did the preliminary investigation conducted by IGIS in 2004 consist of, and in regard to this: (a) was ASIO asked if there was any substance to the complaints raised by Mr Wilson about ASIO abuse and interference; (b) were any of the people named by Mr Wilson contacted or interviewed; and (c) was evidence against Mr Wilson that depended on the provision of intelligence by a foreign intelligence service, such as the United States of America, independently verified and corroborated by ASIO.

(6) Has Mr Wilson ever been, or is he currently, the subject of an ASIO investigation.

(7) Has ASIO ever targeted Mr Wilson’s family, friends, peers, neighbours, lawyers or business associates.

(8) What other Australian agencies are, or have been, involved in investigating and/or the interference with Mr Wilson since 1996, as outlined in his complaints about ASIO and IGIS.

1870 Minister representing the Prime Minister

1871 Minister representing the Attorney-General