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Notice given 19 April 2007

3147  Senator McLucas: To ask the Minister for Human Services—With reference to the report of the Australian Advisory Board on Autism Spectrum Disorders, The prevalence of autism in Australia — can it be established from existing data? , released on 5 March 2007,

(1) Given that data from Centrelink was regarded as especially useful, why did Centrelink not provide researchers with a breakdown, by state, of the number of people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) who receive a Carer Allowance, a Disability Support Pension or other benefits.

(2) (a) Will a breakdown of the number of Carer Allowances relating to autism spectrum disorders be available to researchers in future; and (b) can Centrelink data for autism-related Carer Allowances be provided annually.

(3) (a) Is Pervasive Developmental Disorder - Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOSS) a severe and pervasive disorder; and (b) does Centrelink identify persons diagnosed with PDD-NOS; if not, why not.

3148  Senator Bob Brown: To ask the Minister for Finance and Administration—With reference to the Australian Political Parties for Democracy program, can a copy be provided of:

(a) all grant applications made under the program to date;

(b) reports or other documentation generated in assessing each of these grant applications and any related correspondence with the applicant, including e-mails and records of phone conversations.

(c) a list of grant applications which have been funded, including the amount and duration of the funding; and

(d) all reports received to date under clause 5.2 of the Grant Deed.