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Notice given 29 March 2007

3094  Senator Bishop: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Defence—

(1) With reference to the description of the activities of the Coordination and Public Affairs Division (CPA) on page 33 of the department’s annual report for 2005-06, how many staff were dedicated, in whole or in part, to the management of the: (a) Kovco Board of Inquiry; and (b) the Sea King Board of Inquiry.

(2) (a) What was the total cost to the CPA of each of the inquiries identified in (1); and (b) what were the costs of: (i) members’ fees, (ii) members’ travel and support, (iii) witnesses’ expenses, (iv) counsel, (v) transcripts, and (vi) staff support from the CPA.

(3) With reference to each of the Boards of Inquiry identified in (1): (a) what public relations support was provided; (b) what was the cost of the support, in each case, (c) how many media releases were drafted for: (i) the Minister, and (ii) the Board; (d) how many media inquiries were logged; and (e) how many briefs were prepared and provided to the Minister’s office.

(4) With reference to the Kovco matter not involving the Board of Inquiry (BoI): (a) what travel was undertaken by staff of the CPA; (b) on how many occasions was contact made with Private Kovco’s family with respect to his death, the return of his body, and funeral arrangements; (c) what arrangements were discussed with the organisers of the 2006 ANZAC Day commemoration in Victoria; (d) how much was spent for transport and other support, not associated with the BoI, of Private Kovco’s family; and (e) what was the cost of the state funeral accorded to Private Kovco.

(5) (a) How many journalists are employed by the CPA; and (b) at what annual cost are they employed, including salary and all other costs, such as accommodation, travel and support.

(6) (a) In the 2006-07 financial year to date, how many media releases have been drafted in the CPA for the: (i) Minister; (ii) Minister Assisting, and (iii) Parliamentary Secretary; and (b) approximately how many staff are engaged in the production of these media releases.

(7) Of the 49.5 hours of vision referred to as having been prepared in the 2005-06 financial year, how many hours included images of the Minister.

(8) (a) In the 2006-07 financial year to date: (i) which non-Defence journalists have travelled to operational areas, (ii) which media establishments are these journalists from, and (iii) to which operational areas have they travelled; (b) what was the cost of each trip to the department and the Australian Defence Force (ADF); and (c) how many of these journalists, or journalists sponsored by other agencies, were supported by the department and the ADF, in whole or in part, during that travel.

(9) Is there a current hospitality funding allocation to the CPA or are funds made available from other sources; if so: (a) how much has been spent; (b) on whom has it been spent; and (c) on what date, and for what purpose.

(10) For the financial year 2006-07 to date, what is the current internal allocation within the CPA for staff travel and accommodation.


 (11) (a) How many training courses or ad hoc training sessions have been delivered to senior staff attending estimates and other parliamentary committees; (b) who prepares and delivers these courses; and (c) what evaluation of these courses has been conducted to date.

(12) What is the current estimated cost of maintaining the Defence web page.