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Notice given 23 February 2007

3027  Senator Murray: To ask the Minister representing the Special Minister of State—

(1) With reference to sub section 93(1)(b)(ii) of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 , how many British subjects coded as being eligible to vote on 25 January 1984 still remain on the Electoral Roll as non-Australian citizens.

(2) Given the current interest in and debate concerning Australian values and an obligation and commitment to Australia, is the Government of the view that voting in federal elections should only be available to citizens of Australia.

(3) Since some non-citizens can vote in elections but not others; since at the local level voting in some jurisdictions is also given to property owners, and in others to non-citizen residents; and, in light of trends in other democracies to widen the franchise to permanent residents or other categories: does the Federal Government consider it opportune to review the varied rights to vote in the three tiers of government in Australia.