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Notice given 15 June 2006

2018  Senator McLucas: To ask the Minister for Ageing—With reference to the Minister’s overseas travel, since being appointed to the Senate, can the following details be provided:

(1) What was the purpose of each trip.

(2) (a) Was the Minister accompanied on any trip by a family member, relative, friend or other person; and (b) what was the cost to the taxpayer, if applicable, of this person’s travel, accommodation and any other charges incurred that were met by the taxpayer.

(3) On what dates and for what duration was each trip.

(4) For each visit: (a) what was the destination; (b) what hotels and other paid accommodation were stayed in; (c) what was overall cost to the taxpayer; and (d) can a copy of the report on the trip be provided.


 2024  Senator O’Brien: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Transport and Regional Services—With reference to the announcement on 13 June 2006 that Airservices Australia has signed a cooperation agreement for commercial business development with German air navigation service provider DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung: can the following details be provided for the DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung contract and all other contracts entered into by Airservices Australia (either directly or through a subsidiary body) to provide products or services outside of Australia: (a) parties to the contract; (b) description of tender process; (c) date the contract was signed; (d) term of the contract, including date of commencement; (e) projected income, including revisions, by financial year; (f) actual income, by financial year.

2029  Senator Bishop: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Defence—

(1) With reference to evidence given by the Department of Defence in relation to the Australian Federal Police (AFP) investigation into the alleged assault of Lt Commander Robin Fahy: (a) when was that complaint made; (b) by whom was it made; (c) who first received the complaint; (e) what record was made of the complaint; and (f) what investigation was made into the complaint, and by whom.

(2) (a) Who made the decision to refer the complaint to the AFP; (b) on what date was the decision made; and (c) what record exists of that referral.

(3) On how many occasions has the AFP interviewed members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) on this matter, and on what dates.

(4) Has the AFP interviewed members of Delta Squadron and other classmates of Lt Commander Fahy; if so (a) how many; and (b) with what outcome.

(5) What action, if any, was taken by the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) as a result of the complaint and the referral to the AFP.

(6) Has the AFP sought and obtained any documents from defence and/or the ADFA; if so: (a) what documents were sought; and (b) which have been provided.

(7) If access to documents has been refused by defence, on what grounds was refusal made.

(8) (a) In how many files are papers held relating to the assault and the specific complaint; (b) in whose possession are they; and (c) has the Chief of Navy or his staff ever had access to them.

(9) Which ADF and ADFA officers have been managing the relationship with the AFP on its investigation since the inquiry’s inception

(10) (a) What support was given to the AFP by the ADF during their investigation; and (b) how many officers and others have made written statements to the AFP.

(11) In addition to the AFP inquiry, what investigation has been conducted by the ADF, ADFA or the department into the complaint.

(12) Was the assault subject of the complaint part of the Grey inquiry into behaviour of cadets at ADFA at the same time; if so, what further investigations were undertaken.

(13) Has departmental comment or evidence on the complaint of assault at the ADFA ever been sought by the Defence Ombudsman; if so: (a) when; and (b) what advice and material was provided to the Ombudsman.


 2030  Senator Bishop: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs—With reference to an article in the Australian of 15 June 2006, entitled ‘Delay to payout on chopper disaster’:

 (1) Can the Minister advise whether the Commonwealth is legally required to demand that compensation be returned if an award of damages is made against a third party.

(2) To what extent, if any, would the damages payment by the United States (US) company affect any pension that is being received by the widows of the Black Hawk helicopter crew.

(3) Has the multi-million dollar US out-of-court settlement been delayed as reported in the Australian ; if so (a) over what timeframe has the payout been delayed; and (b) is this the result of any decision or action taken by the Australian Government; if so, why.

(4) When does the Commonwealth expect to make a decision in relation to repayments of compensation or cessation of pensions.

Senator Hutchins: To ask the Ministers listed below (Question Nos 2032-2033)—With reference to the coronial inquest into the death of journalist Mr Brian Peters in East Timor in October 1975, and testimony by investigating officers of the New South Wales Homicide Squad to that inquest that cooperation has not been forthcoming from the Attorney-General’s Department and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade:

(1) Is the Minister aware of any requests for mutual assistance for New South Wales Homicide Squad investigating officers to travel to East Timor and interview witnesses and conduct an examination of remains.

(2) What steps are being taken to facilitate these requests.

(3) Why has there been a delay in the facilitation of these requests.

(4) What mutual assistance agreements exist between East Timor and Australia.

(5) If no formal agreements exist, what other mechanisms are available to facilitate mutual assistance.

2033 Minister for Justice and Customs