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Notice given 10 May 2006

1770  Senator Ludwig: To ask the Minister for Justice and Customs—

(1) What information is a business or person required to provide to the Australian Custom Service (ACS) for the damages claim arising out of the implementation of the Integrated Cargo System.

(2) Who is eligible to claim damages under this scheme.

(3) What is the criteria for damages.

(4) How many separate claims has the ACS received for compensation.

(5) How much in total has been claimed so far.

(6) How are the claims being assessed.

(7) Are the claims being assessed by an independent authority or are they being assessed by ACS.

(8) If the claims are not being assessed by ACS, who are they being assessed by and how was this body chosen.

(9) If the claims are being assessed by ACS, what body within ACS is undertaking the assessment.

(10) (a) Of the claims received so far, how many of them have been processed; and (b) of those processed: (i) how many have been approved, (ii) how many have been partially approved, and (iii) how many have been disallowed.

(11) (a) What appeal mechanisms are there for a claim which has been disallowed or only partially allowed; and (b) in how many cases have claimants availed themselves of those mechanisms.

(12) How much compensation has been approved so far.

(13) How much of the compensation that has been approved has been released.

(14) What is the average waiting time between the date on which the ACS receives a claim form and the date on which it releases compensation.