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Notice given 8 December 2005

1443  Senator Ludwig: To ask the Minister for Justice and Customs—For each of the financial years 2002-03 to 2004-05 to date:

(1) How many Suspected Illegal Entry Vessels (SIEV) have been detected in Australian waters.

(2) How many SIEV were first detected by: (a) Australian Customs Service (ACS); (b) Australian Fisheries Management Authority; (c) other federal agencies; (d) state or local government; and (e) other non-government agencies.

(3) For each SIEV: (a) on what date was the entry detected; (b) how many SIEVs were detected in each entry; (c) how did ACS detect the SIEV (i.e. Coastwatch aerial surveillance, reports from another government agency, reports from an individual, any other manner); (d) where was the SIEV detected; (e) did ACS or Coastwatch intercept the SIEV; (f) on what date was the SIEV intercepted; (g) were any other agencies involved in the interception of the SIEV; if not, why not; and if not, was another government agency able to intercept the SIEV; (h) was the SIEV impounded or turned around; (i) what was the number of persons on the SIEV; (j) what was the number of persons detained from the SIEV; (k) what was the number of persons on each SIEV who have had criminal charges brought against them and what were the number and nature of the charges; (l) how many of those charges resulted in a prosecution; (m) how many prosecutions resulted in a successful conviction and what was the sentence; (n) if the SIEV was impounded: (i) has it been since released, (ii) has it been destroyed, or (iii) is it still impounded; (o) if it was released, to whom; and (p) if it was not impounded, what was done with the SIEV after it had been intercepted.