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Notice given 30 May 2006

1816  Senator O’Brien: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Transport and Regional Services—With reference to the department’s planned regulatory activity for the 2005-06 financial year, specifically the Australian Design Rules (ADR) Review for Vehicle Safety and Theft Reduction:

(1) Can copies be provided of the proposals and regulation impact statements for all ADRs under review; if not, why not.


 (2) Will the reviews of ADRs listed as part of the planned regulatory activity for the 2005-06 financial year be completed by July 2006 as stated; if not: (a) why not; and (b) when will the reviews be completed.

(3) Do the reviews address the mandating of day running lights, seat belts on school buses and realistic speedometers.

(4) For each ADR under review, how many public submissions have been received as of 29 May 2006.

1817  Senator O’Brien: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Transport and Regional Services—

(1) Are airports on the Certified Aerodromes register required to have an emergency plan as part of their aerodrome manual.

(2) Are airport operators required to test this plan every 2 years.

(3) Can the Minister advise when the emergency plan was last tested at the following airports: (a) Adelaide; (b) Avalon; (c) Bankstown; (d) Brisbane; (e) Canberra; (f) Darwin; (g) Essendon; (h) Hobart; (i) Launceston; (j) Melbourne; (k) Moorabbin; (l) Perth; and (m) Sydney.

(4) Can the Minister also advise which Certified Aerodromes have not tested their emergency plan in the past 2 years.

(5) What action is taken when it is discovered that an airport operator has failed to meet this safety requirement.

1818  Senator O’Brien: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Transport and Regional Services—With reference to the lengthening and strengthening of the Canberra International Airport runway:

(1) What advice did the Government receive from Canberra International Airport about the damage that would be caused by the landing of Air Force One in 2003.

(2) On what dates and in what form was this advice received.

(3) Can the Minister confirm that the Government ‘prevailed’ on Canberra International Airport to allow the Bush visit to proceed.

(4) Were there any safety implications associated with the decision to permit Air Force One to land.

(5) What undertakings did the Government make to Canberra International Airport to repair damage at the time.

(6) What runway damage was caused by Air Force One .

(7) In relation to the runway damage: (a) what date was the damage first brought to the Government’s attention; (b) who was the source of this advice; and (c) what was the form of this advice.

(8) On what date did the Government commission an inspection of the runway.

(9) In relation to the inspection: (a) on what date was it conducted; (b) who undertook the inspection; and (c) what was the cost to the department.

(10) On what date did the Government first enter into negotiations with Canberra International Airport to fund the strengthening of the runway.

(11) On what date did the Government make a final offer to fund the works.

(12) Will the strengthening and lengthening of the runway allow for unrestricted operation of VIP and military aircraft; if not, what operational restrictions will be in place.


 (13) Once strengthened, what will be the capacity of the runway in respect to: (a) aircraft size and weight; and (b) number of aircraft movements.

(14) (a) On what dates were funds for the project paid to Canberra International Airport; and (b) what quantum of funding was paid.

(15) (a) When did the strengthening commence; and (b) when will it conclude.

(16) Can details be provided of all Commonwealth payments to Canberra International Airport since its privatisation, including the purpose and quantum of each payment.

(17) Can the Minister outline the department’s professional technical expertise with respect to runway pavement, design, construction and maintenance.

1819  Senator O’Brien: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Transport and Regional Services—How many prosecutions has the Civil Aviation Safety Authority initiated pursuant to Civil Aviation Regulation 215, as contained in the Civil Aviation Regulations 1988, in the past four calendar years, by year.

1820  Senator O’Brien: To ask the Minister for Finance and Administration—With reference to the Requirements for Annual Reports for Departments, Executive Agencies and FMA Act Bodies (June 2005):

(1) Does the department maintain a central discretionary grants register.

(2) For each department or agency, can details of all discretionary grant programs in the 2005-06 and 2006-07 financial years be provided.

Senator O’Brien: To ask the Ministers listed below (Question Nos 1821-1840)—With reference to discretionary grant programs administered by the Minister’s department and agencies in the 2004-05 and 2005-06 financial years:

(1) For each financial year, can the following details be provided: (a) the name of the program; (b) the quantum of funding expended; (c) the details of grant recipients; and (d) the funding available in 2006-07.

(2) Will any new discretionary grant programs be administered in the 2006-07 financial year; if so, can the details be provided, including the name of the program and the quantum of funding allocated to the program in the 2006-07 financial year.

1821 Minister representing the Prime Minister

1822 Minister representing the Minister for Trade

1823 Minister representing the Treasurer

1824 Minister representing the Minister for Foreign Affairs

1825 Minister for Finance and Administration

1826 Minister representing the Minister for Transport and Regional Services

1827 Minister representing the Minister for Health and Ageing

1828 Minister representing the Attorney-General

1829 Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts

1830 Minister for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs

1831 Minister representing the Minister for Defence

1832 Minister representing the Minister for Industry, Tourism and Resources

1833 Minister representing the Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations

1834 Minister for the Environment and Heritage

1835 Minister representing the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry


 1836 Minister representing the Minister for Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs

1837 Minister representing the Minister for Education, Science and Training

1838 Minister for Justice and Customs

1839 Minister for the Arts and Sport

1840 Minister representing the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs