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Notice given 5 January 2006

1459  Senator Murray: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs—

(1) Has the Minister read the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) audit report no. 14 of 2005-06, Administration of the Commonwealth State Territory Disability Agreement .

(2) Did the Minister note that that ANAO is limited in its ability to directly audit the Commonwealth State Territory Disability Agreement (CSTDA) and that ‘there is uncertainly as to whether financial statement auditors have tested CSTDA expenditure’ (paragraph 38 of the report); if so, what will the Minister do about this weakness in accountability.

(3) Did the Minister note that the National Disability Administrators ‘are not close to developing and reporting effective measures of outcomes of CSTDA activities’ (paragraph 18) and, the ‘shortcomings in performance information’ (paragraph 19); if so: (a) what is being done about this situation; and (b) when will this situation be rectified.

(4) Did the Minister note that the CSTDA ‘does not include financial incentives or sanctions’ (paragraph 39); why is this the case.

(5) With reference to the answer to question on notice no. 410 (Senate Hansard , 19 August 2002, p. 3289) can any further information be provided on the issues raised.

(6) With reference to the letter from Senator Murray to the Commonwealth Auditor-General, dated 26 November 2003 and copied to the Minister concerning allegations of financial and other improprieties with respect to the delivery of services to persons with intellectual disability, can a detailed outline be provided of what has happened in relation to the issues raised in that letter.

1462  Senator Webber: To ask the Minister representing the Treasurer—Are banks with an Australian banking licence permitted to hold data or records on accounts in associated banks or subsidiaries domiciled in known tax havens.