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Notice given 29 November 2005

334  Senator Bartlett: To move—That the Senate—

(a) notes that the recent Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) conference passed a resolution calling on ‘the Federal Coalition Government, the Opposition and all federal politicians to develop a national strategy in partnership with state and local governments and key stakeholders to address the issue of sexual assault on children in Australia’;

(b) congratulates the ALGA for demonstrating its commitment to this important national issue;


 (c) notes that the Government will be convening two national conferences on abuse of children, which will bring together key stakeholders responsible for the care and protection of children; and

(d) expresses its support for the ALGA resolution and calls on all politicians to develop a national strategy on this crucial and pressing matter in partnership with state, territory and local governments and key stakeholders.

Notice of motion altered on 8 December 2005 pursuant to standing order 77.