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Notice given 8 December 2004

Senator Bishop: To ask the Ministers listed below (Question Nos 166-168)—With reference to the Minister’s official engagements on 15 November 2004:

(1) Where did each engagement occur.

(2) What was the nature of each engagement.

(3) What was the start and finish time of each engagement.

(4) (a) When was the Minister invited to, or when did the Minister first become aware of, each engagement; and (b) on what date did the Minister commit to attending each engagement.

(5) (a) Who attended each engagement; and (b) in what capacity did they attend.

(6) What was the cost incurred by the Commonwealth in arranging or ensuring the Minister’s attendance at each engagement.

(7) Will the Minister provide details of invitations or approaches to attend other official engagements on 15 November 2004 which the Minister either declined or delegated.

168 Minister representing the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs