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Notice given 29 November 2005

*333  Senator Milne: To move—That the Senate—

(a) notes that:

(i) Australia’s trade balance has deteriorated from a surplus equal to 0.1 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP) in 2000-01 to a deficit equal to 3 per cent of GDP in 2004-05, despite a 22 per cent improvement in Australia’s terms of trade over the same period,


 (ii) Australia’s exports of manufactured exports have fallen from 33 per cent of our total exports of goods in 1996 to 29 per cent of total exports of goods in 2004,

(iii) the contribution by manufacturing to Australia’s GDP has fallen from 13.5 per cent in 1990 to 10.9 per cent in 2004,

(iv) there have been only 13 financial years since 1959-60 that Australian trade has been in balance, or has recorded a surplus, and that Australia’s trade deficits currently make up approximately 40 per cent of Australia’s record current account deficit of 6.7 per cent of GDP,

(v) Australia’s exports of goods and services have fallen from a 1.18 per cent share of all world exports in 1996 to 0.98 per cent share in 2004 and that had Australia retained its 1996 trade share, imports and exports would roughly be in balance,

(vi) that Australia’s exports to Singapore have fallen by 15 per cent since the free trade agreement with that country was signed in 2003 and that Australia’s exports to the United States of America have fallen by 5 per cent since the free trade agreement with that country was signed in January 2005, and

(vii) that the 6th World Trade Organization Ministerial Conference will be held in Hong Kong from 13 December to 18 December 2005; and

(b) calls on the Government to:

(i) freeze all Australian import tariffs at their current level,

(ii) abandon all bilateral free trade agreement negotiations,

(iii) investigate ways of insulating strategic Australian industries, such as manufacturing industries, from gouging by free trade, and

(iv) abandon its current negotiating position in the Doha round, and instead adopt an approach which seeks to protect key industries from undue import competition.

*335  Senator Moore: To move—That the Senate—

(a) recognises that 1 December is World AIDS Day;

(b) notes that:

(i) globally there are currently 40 million people living with HIV,

(ii) AIDS has taken 20 million lives to date and if current trends continue, by 2020, AIDS will have claimed up to 100 million lives, and

(iii) women make up almost half of all cases and are socially, biologically, economically and culturally more susceptible to infection;

(c) acknowledges that microbicides are currently the only woman-centred and empowering prevention method being developed;

(d) recognises that:

(i) research and development of four potential microbicides have just commenced the final stages of clinical trials, and

(ii) substantially increased funding is required to ensure microbicides are available worldwide within 7 years;

(e) commends the Government for committing increased resources towards fighting AIDS, especially in the developing world; and


 (f) calls for additional support to be provided for the development of microbicides, which will offer women an effective and empowering means of protecting themselves from HIV infection.

On 5 December 2005

General Business—Notice of Motion