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Notice given 7 November 2005

Senator Bob Brown: To ask the Ministers listed below (Question Nos 1349-1350)—

(1) Is the department, or any other department or instrument of Government, providing any direct or indirect financial or other support to Mr Lewincamp’s legal actions against Captain Martin Toohey of the Royal Australian Naval Reserve and several media organisations; if so, what is the nature and amount of that support.

(2) Is funding for independent legal advice for matters brought on entirely by his military service being provided for Captain Toohey; if so, how much is being provided; if not, why not.

1349 Minister for Defence

1350 Minister representing the Attorney-General

1351  Senator Bob Brown: To ask the Minister for the Environment and Heritage—With reference to the recovery plan for four species of handfish in Tasmania: (a) what is the impact of fish farms on the four species of handfish and, if this not known, will it be added to the recovery plan; (b) what percentage of the known habitat of each species is in a protected marine area or habitat; and (c) what, in monetary or other terms, will the Government contribute to the 5-year recovery plan.

1352  Senator Bob Brown: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Foreign Affairs—

(1) With reference to the judicial inquiry into the Australian Secret Intelligence Service held 10 years ago: was the present director of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, Mr Paul O’Sullivan, or the then Australian Ambassador to Egypt, called to give written and/or oral evidence to the inquiry; if so, when and where was such evidence received, and to whom was it given.

(2) Did the subject of the evidence relate to the service of either man in Cairo.

(3) With reference to an article by Mr Paul Malone in The Canberra Sunday Times of 24 July 2005, in which he quoted the former New South Wales Supreme Court judge who conducted the inquiry as saying ‘we didn’t go into those allegations’ (referring to the allegations about events in Cairo): is the quote correct.