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Notice given 11 May 2005

907  Senator Allison: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Health and Ageing—

(1) Can the Minister confirm that the Australian Drug Evaluation Committee report, Report of the Working Party on the Registration of Drugs for Use in Children was completed in 1997 for the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

(2) Can the Minister provide an outline of the recommendations made by the working party.

(3) What action is planned and what action has been taken to implement the recommendations of the working party.

(4) Has the working party been discontinued; if so, has any follow-up study been established.

908  Senator Allison: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Health and Ageing—With reference to in vitro fertilisation (IVF) services and proposals to restrict access:

(1) Has the Government undertaken any investigation of the factors that have contributed to the increase in government rebates for IVF services over the past 10 years; if so, can a copy be provided of any information or report resulting from investigations.

(2) What groups, if any, were consulted prior to May 2005 regarding possible restrictions on access to Medicare rebates for IVF procedures.

(3) What data does the Government have on: (a) the proportion of Australian women accessing IVF services; (b) changes in the proportion over the past 10 years; and (c) the range and average number of IVF cycles undertaken by an infertile woman.

(4) Can information be provided on the average out-of-pocket costs experienced by women for a single cycle of IVF for the past 10 years.