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Notice given 13 July 2005

1028  Senator Ludwig: To ask the Minister for Justice and Customs—With reference to the Zentai matter:

(1) With reference to the requested extradition by the Hungarian authorities on 30 March 2005 of Mr Charles Zentai, to which the Australian Government responded with a request for additional information from the Hungarian authorities: (a) on what date did the Government request the additional information; (b) when was the information provided; and (c) on what date did the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) begin acting on behalf of the Hungarian authorities.

(2) On what date did the DPP begin preparing an application for a provisional warrant and when was the application finalised.

(3) (a) On what date was a provisional warrant sought from a magistrate; (b) was it granted on this date; if not, why not and when was it granted; and (c) have there been any appeals.

(4) (a) On what date did the Minister begin consideration of the section 16 requirements and when was his consideration finalised; and (b) when and how did the Minister communicate his consideration to the DPP; if communicated in writing at a later date, when.

(5) (a) When was a hearing held to determine whether the person was eligible for surrender; and (b) is it correct that the person was found eligible for surrender on Friday, 8 July 2005.

(6) What is the status of the Australian Federal Police investigation in this matter; if it has concluded, when did it conclude and what was the outcome of the investigation.

(7) On what date was the Minister advised of the outcome of the investigation.

(8) Was this matter referred to the DPP; if so, what was the DPP’s conclusion and was this communicated to the Minister; if so, when.