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Notice given 23 October 2003

2320  Senator Allison: To ask the Minister for Defence—

(1) Can the Minister confirm the press report that quoted the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Defence as saying that the Point Nepean Community Group and FKP Limited Consortium (the consortium) has won the bid for the 40 year lease of Defence land at Point Nepean.

(2) Will there be an opportunity for public input into the bid before the lease is signed; if not, why not.

(3) Given that, in the week beginning 19 October 2003, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Defence was reported as saying that the tourist accommodation would not be a ‘five star, high rise cliff-top hotel’:  Will the tourist accommodation be: (a) five, four, three or other star; (b) one, two, three, four, five or more storeys high; and (c) on a cliff-top.

(4) How many beds will there be in the proposed tourist accommodation.

(5) What planning mechanism or process will the Government have in place to ensure that the development proposals in the bid that are accepted are not subsequently changed, expanded and/or intensified in the future.

(6) Has the Government advised the consortium that, according to legal advice, state planning laws will prevail on the site.

(7) What legal advice has the Government sought on the implications of the lease being signed for a development that will not be permitted by state planning laws.

(8) What talks and correspondence has the Government conducted with the Victorian State Government with regard to bid proposals and whether or not these will be permitted under state planning laws.

(9) What ‘final details’ need to be finalised before the lease is signed.

(10) On what date will the lease be signed.

(11) Does the consortium’s bid include development on the beach or foreshore; if so, what development is proposed.

(12) In what sense will there be public ownership of the site.

(13) Did the Victorian State Government offer any money in its bid for the site; if so, how much was offered.

(14) (a) Who will be appointed to the ‘community panel’ set up to advise on the management of the site; and (b) what is the process by which the panel will be chosen and funded.

(15) How will the limitation of ‘search and rescue’ activities only for the proposed helipad be guaranteed.

(16) What checks has the Government conducted on FKP Limited.

(17) Is the Government aware that FKP Limited’s construction division was fined recently by the Maroondah City Council for illegally felling trees and failing to protect existing vegetation at a retirement village construction site in Croydon, Victoria and that it failed to submit a landscape plan.

2321  Senator Evans: To ask the Minister for Defence—In relation to the flyover by F-111 aircraft in Canberra on 11 October 2003, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the High Court of Australia:

(1) When was it was first announced that the flyover would take place.

(2) Which organisations and/or individuals were consulted about the decision to conduct the flyover.

(3) Who authorised the decision to conduct the flyover.

(4) How many planes were involved.

(5) What was the home base of the aircraft involved.

(6) What was the total cost.