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Notice given 19 August 2003

*547  Leader of the Australian Democrats (Senator Bartlett): To move—That the Senate—

(a) notes that:

(i) according to Amnesty International reports, at least 6 031 prisoners were executed between 2000 and 2003,

(ii) Australia has ratified the Second Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, thereby undertaking not to execute anyone within Australia,

(iii) the preamble to the Second Optional Protocol indicates the intention of the parties to undertake an international commitment to abolish the death penalty and sets out the belief of the parties that the ‘abolition of the death penalty contributes to enhancement of human dignity and progressive development of human rights’, and

(iv) pursuant to the Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters Act 1987 , the Government may refuse to provide assistance to foreign countries with respect to a criminal investigation if the provision of assistance may result in the death penalty being imposed; and

(b) calls on the Australian Government to reaffirm its commitment to work towards the international abolition of the death penalty.

*548  Senator Nettle: To move—That the Senate—

(a) notes:

(i) the strong campaign for ‘fair trade’ being conducted by the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) and its United States (US) counterpart, the American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organisations (AFL-CIO), in relation to the current Free Trade Agreement being negotiated by the US and Australia, and

(ii) the unanimous support at the ACTU Congress for freezing current Australian tariff levels, excluding public services, incorporating enforceable International Labour Organisation (ILO) standards and adopting anti-dumping provisions in any trade deals; and

(b) calls on the Federal Government to:

(i) openly declare its exclusion of Australian cultural industries and standards from the Australian-US Free Trade Agreement,

(ii) remove public services and other services of national or social significance from the Free Trade Agreement negotiating table, and

(iii) include enforceable ILO standards and environmental standards in all trade deals with Australia.

On 8 September 2003

Business of the Senate—Order of the Day

Economics Legislation Committee

Report to be presented on the provisions of the Taxation Laws Amendment Bill (No. 7) 2003. ( Referred pursuant to Selection of Bills Committee report .)

On the tenth sitting day after 30 June 2003 (9 September 2003)

Business of the Senate—Order of the Day

Legislation Committees

Reports to be presented on annual reports tabled by 30 April 2003.

On 9 September 2003

Business of the Senate—Notice of Motion